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Thread: This is exciting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by vraiblonde View Post
    They are doing heart valve placement by going through an artery in the thigh to the heart and doing the job.
    Pretty impressive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeoplesElbow View Post
    There is quite a difference between smart phones and this. Smartphones do not break any law of physics, they were simply not possible to make yet due to the tools and knowledge we had at the time. One day we will be able to make tiny plaque eating submarines that we inject and they will clear our arteries to prevent heart attacks, just not yet.

    Notice I did not say that speed was too great for a human to endure because once it is up to steady state there are no forces on the body. I think for a human to achieve those speeds they will simply have to accelerate less than around 150 ft/sec/sec for a long time. This is why unmanned fighter jets are the future of air superiority, because no manned craft can achieve the acceleration,deceleration, and turn radius that an unmanned craft will be able to.

    Unless we can change our bodies in some way we are more likely to be able to bend space and time for fast travel than simply accelerate ourselves to great speeds.
    Yep, elevator engineers have had to carefully and slowly accelerate and decelerate high speed elevators that travel over 1,000 FPM for 75+ years.
    Otherwise folks will get that pit in the stomach feeling that roller coaster engineers work so hard for you to get that make the ride fun for some.
    No one cares.

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