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Thread: LB James had to adjust to white people

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    LB James had to adjust to white people

    Some people have it rough. Good thing he could bounce a basket ball. Otherwise he'd still be in the hood.

    NBA super LeBron James revealed Tuesday on his HBO talk show “The Shop” he was uncomfortable when he had to adjust to being around white people when he first entered high school.

    He said upon entering school, he didn’t have any desire of talking to any of his white classmates as he was there to play basketball.
    “When I first went to the 9th grade in high school, I was on some ‘I’m not f------ with white people,’” James said. “I was so institutionalized growing up in the 'hood it was like, ‘They don’t f--- with us, they don’t want us to succeed.’”
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    He's an ass. The only reason he's not slinging drugs in some ghetto is because white people love black guys who can play a sport. I see he's adjusting to those white people just fine.
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    It's interesting that LeBron did I have any issues taking paychecks and bonus's from the white guys who owned the ball teams he played for. But now it ####in white...
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    There you have it, institutionalized racism in the hood. Cotton pickin' hypocrite.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LaBrown Turd
    He said upon entering school, he didn’t have any desire of talking to any of his white classmates as he was there to play basketball.
    Note that he was there "to play basketball" while every other person in that high school was there to get AN EDUCATION!
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