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Thread: Sleep aid that works!

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    Listen to me now, and believe me later: it doesn't matter how much you pump up those muscles, as long as you reach the full pumptential.

    It's not 'roids but thanks for noticing...

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    Is there a certain % or some sort of measurement on that oil? Is 1 brand better than the other? I see it for sale at different places that we travel to. I've been tempted to buy some and try it out. Haven't pulled the trigger as of yet.
    The brand I use is through one of my distributors. Even wholesale, it is expensive ($30 for 30 -10mg gels). Since Super Snouts is labeled for dogs, they recommend one gel cap per 50-100 lbs of body weight once or twice a day. I take one or two at bedtime and it usually helps me sleep a solid 5 or 6 hours (until I have to pee!). They are thc and gmo free. The market is saturated with new hemp/cbd products coming out all the time and like everything else, all claim theirs is the best. Since it is convenient, I will stick with this brand but I am pretty sure, the other products out there are just as good.

    Having tried a few prescriptions my doc gave me and Benedryl for sleep, I like these best because I don't wake up groggy.
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