LIU claimed another student complained that Venigalla “might have violent intentions.”

[apparently there is a comprehensions problem at the university]

"By calling in a student for a mandatory meeting about photos of his participation in a recreational gun event, Long Island University has sent a message to its entire student body: Watch what you say," said FIRE’s Senior Program Officer Sarah McLaughlin. "Universities that promise to protect free speech should not hold mandatory meetings for students who engage in it."

During the meeting, LIU’s director of student engagement brought an essay that Venigalla wrote for a class on war, terrorism, and justice in 2017 in which he argued that political violence can sometimes be justified towards authorities but not civilians. He was also questioned about a Facebook comment in which he expressed his disappointment over losing a student government election.

"For LIU administrators, apparently three examples of constitutionally-protected speech somehow warrant a mandatory meeting with administrators," FIRE wrote.

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