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Thread: 1 million Americans live full time in an RV

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    1 million Americans live full time in an RV

    Like I often say, it's not for everyone. If your relationship is shaky, this lifestyle could end it quickly. But on the other hand, think of all the neat places you will travel to. ANd not just visit them, but live there temporarily and soak in the local culture.

    Over a million Americans have given up on the house and white picket fence, in search of a freer life on the road.

    The number of Americans living full-time in RVs and camper vans is on the rise. While it’s impossible to get an exact count, the RV Industry Association puts it at a million.

    More and more people are cutting out the rent or mortgage (and maybe walking away from some debt while they’re at it) and purchasing tiny homes they can often pay for in cash. And more and more of those tiny homes are on wheels, giving people the freedom to explore the continent and follow the odd jobs that finance their trips.
    “There’s an element of romance to this and adventure, and there’s also an element of desperation and economic necessity,”

    “I think there is a large element of wanderlust in our culture, so people are pretty excited about the idea of the great American road trip. But at the same time, there are all of these financial forces that govern the choices people make.”
    no wonder the campgrounds are always filled

    The Meinhofers are doing this by choice, not financial desperation. They are part of a movement of people ditching "sticks and bricks" homes that have long embodied the American Dream and embracing a life of travel, minimal belongings and working when they want.
    "We're a family of four redefining what the American Dream means. It's happiness, not a four-bedroom house with a two-car garage," said Robert Meinhofer, who is 45.
    The Meinhofers and a dozen others who spoke with The Washington Post about this modern nomadic lifestyle said living in 200 to 400 square feet has improved their marriages and made them happier, even if they're earning less. There's no official term for this lifestyle, but most refer to themselves as "full-time RVers," "digital nomads" or "workampers."

    A million Americans live full-time in RVs, according to the RV Industry Association. Some have to do it because they can't afford other options, but many do it by choice. Last year was a record for RV sales, according to the data firm Statistical Surveys. More than 10.5 million households own at least one RV, a jump from 2005 when 7.5 million households had RVs, according to RVIA.
    Interest in "RVing" - either full time or on weekends - appears to be picking up, especially among young couples. Half of new sales are going to Americans under 45, and purchases by people of color are rising, RVIA found in its 2016 surveys, a change from the 20th century, when white retirees dominated campsites.
    on the road again
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    The only way I'd do it is if I designed and built my own RV. I've seen the wear and tear of actually living in one. 3 of us lived in it for 5 months, while looking for a house, and 1 of us while working away from home. Real life takes a toll on the cheap, manufactured RV.
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    I'm curious how many of those 1 million are permanent residents at some campground and how many actually travel. IMO, the motorhome is meant for...motoring. That's what makes the limited space and lack of niceties bearable - the travel.

    If I were going to live in a campground full time forever I'd buy a tiny house. Those things are sweet!
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    Quote Originally Posted by vraiblonde View Post
    I'm curious how many of those 1 million are permanent residents at some campground and how many actually travel. IMO, the motorhome is meant for...motoring. That's what makes the limited space and lack of niceties bearable - the travel.
    Exactly. And I would think campsites would want to put limits on how long a motorhome could stay at one time. That's pretty much the only thing that makes it a campground instead of a trailer park.

    I must admit I truly wonder how itsbob convinced badgirl to give up her weekends in her beautiful home to stay at a campground. I'm willing to bet the only way was because of the Boy and the limited time they have left to 'vacation' with him before he starts his own life.
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    It had always been our plan after retirement to snowbird it. Before I retired we bought a 30 ft bumper pull that we used on weekends with the plan to sell it and buy the motor home after retirement. That plan was torpedoed by health issues. It is hard to deal with doctors, labs, and other medical things if you are on the road. We still have the bumper pull and still use it regularly but only on weekend trips. I envy those who can be and are on the road.
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