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Thread: Police at GMHS with guns drawn?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monello View Post
    If they can make a few of those charges stick, looks like he could be in the pokey for a while.
    unfortunately he's 17, so the judge may not know if he has a juvenile record as well.
    My guess is that both the shooter and the victim knew each other and it was over a drug deal.
    Dealers, not addicts.

    Also why Hickory Hills is the Hood that doesn't want to be known as a hood.

    Not as bad as Westbury, but not that good either.

    The house that had the shooting in Wildewood a year or so back, was over a drug deal gone bad.
    Kids living there were azzholes and apparently ripped off the shooter(s).

    But that's the way we've taught our little thugs to solve their problems - then blame the gun. Amazing, it's not pop culture glorifying the behavior, or video games the give them points for shooting a guy in the face when committing a crime, not our sports idols who shoot their balls off because they have a gun shoved in their pants. We blame the freaking innanimate object for making shootings popular.
    Right up there with being an internet bully.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldenhawk View Post
    Basically, someone sits there for 30-60 minutes each morning, and then the station building can be totally vacant the entire rest of the day, as long as the system stays online.

    That's why when it DOES occasionally fail, the "dead air" lasts so long - someone has to drive out to the site and reboot everything.
    And when a major disaster happens, there is nobody home at the station who could broadcast a warning, evacuation instructions, shelter in place etc. If it can't be pushed out through the emergency alert system, there is no way of getting it on the air.

    That's also why so many local stations have disappeared - it's hugely more expensive to pay 3 shifts for someone to sit there 24-7 and spin records, than to pay once for a fancy computer system that does EVERYTHING for you, along with some satellite feed subscription service. Why bother when you can rake in the cash for nearly nothing?

    That's also why all the music sounds the same no matter where you go - because you're hearing the exact same satellite feed from hundreds of stations that subscribe to it. "Yeah, I'd like the Pop 1990's channel please."
    A big reason for the bland radio landscape is that a few companies bought up most of the local stations about 30 years ago. Clear Channel Communications was one of them. It has been reshuffled since, but there is a high degree of centralization. No big difference whether it is a locally owned station that plays a subscription feed or whether it is a nationally owned chain station. Very little production happens on the local level, the only time you hear local reports is if the station is tied in with local TV or a newspaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monello View Post
    If they can make a few of those charges stick, looks like he could be in the pokey for a while.
    This is Maryland. He'll get 20 years with 19 years and 11 months 'suspended'. When he does his next violent crime he gets 30 days of 'backup time', not the 19 years a suspended sentence would call for.

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