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Thread: Parents and kids today

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    I never called a teacher by a first name, but our Dean of Students had a nickname, Oscar Bob. He hated it.
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    Dear Baby Jesus lying in a crib in Bethlehem,
    I thank your divine intervention that I was not drinking anything when I read this post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RareBreed View Post
    After over 20 years of marriage, I have still yet figured out a proper term for my in-laws. Mr and Mrs X sounds too formal but in no way would they want me to call them Mom and Dad (nor would I want that). First names are out soooo.... I just wait for them to look my way and start talking to them.
    I met my husband's parents the week we got married. When I called them Mr and Mrs, my mother-in-law told me Mrs was HER mother-in-law and I could either call them Mom and Dad or by their first names. I wasn't comfortable with either, especially since I'd just met them. For years, I never knew what to call them. My brother-in-law's wife (once they got married) asked me what I called them as she had the same problem - and she'd known them all of her life. It wasn't until a few years after my dad died that I found they were the closest thing I had to family and I started calling them Mom and Dad. Glad I did; I was very fortunate in the family I married into - they are my family.
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    I also go with the "I'll wait til you look at me before I speak" approach. Otherwise, if forced to, I go with "Mama (last name)" or "Papa (last name)" which is essentially an acceptable nickname taken from how friends of mine used to refer to my own parents. It was suitable to all parties.

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