Man. I want to enthuse but I remember just one short month ago I was excited about (barf) Corpus Christi for about 12 hours.

We're at the KOA and, MAN, this place is kickin. They have a waterfront bar/restaurant on premises and all kinds of sunset watching places. We have a little patio and the site appeared small at first but once we got set up it was perfectly fine.

I thought SPI would be a lazy fishing village but it appears to be a true resort area with highrise hotels and stuff for people who don't want to fish. Coming across that bridge from Port Isabel - holy cow! We set up and then had dinner at the campground restaurant - Pier 19. I had a ribeye with steamed veggies and Monello had a taco salad. Shiners for me, margaritas for him. We rode our bikes over and it was lovely, but as we left it started raining a bit and getting chilly. And chilly for us now - because we're hothouse lilies and disgusting - is 60*.

I am cautiously optimistic. SPI has potential.