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Thread: Old text books

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    Old text books

    We will likely be moving this year. I have numerous older text books from years ago. Math, Science, Physiology, Anatomy, etc.
    Is there someplace that would take them here in Southern MD? They are dated, and I know they are not the current editions.
    I'm pretty certain the local libraries cant use them. Feels almost criminal to throw them out. Any local organizations that might want them?

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    Facebook Marketplace or the SOMD classifieds?
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    Hard to even give away the old versions of textbooks.

    I would recycle them.

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    Sometimes you can sell old textbooks on Amazon or similar text book purchase/rental sites
    Otherwise I would say they need to go in the recycling bin

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    I gave away most of my old engineering books via Craigslist.

    I've also burned a few text books in the wood stove. Feels strange.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Potomac View Post
    Sometimes you can sell old textbooks on Amazon or similar text book purchase/rental sites
    Otherwise I would say they need to go in the recycling bin
    If they are more than a few years old, and not used at some local intstitution of higher education, recyle the paper.
    Colleges have specific requirements and that turns over more frequently than high schools.
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    Thanks for the comments. Since these are from another century < 1996 > I think my best action would be to recycle them.

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    You can find a nice market for some books on Ebay.

    I sold some of my old textbooks, back then I wanted the $40, recently I bought some of the ones I wish I still had off ebay for a few bucks. Even a heavy text book if sent media mail is cheap, real cheap.
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