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Thread: Krugman’s Political Groundhog Day It's not 1955 anymore.

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    Krugman’s Political Groundhog Day It's not 1955 anymore.

    In 2004, Paul Krugman, New York Times columnist and Nobel Laureate, was asked at an economics conference if he believed that a return to the 1980 top income tax rate of 70 percent was a good idea. “Oh, no!,” he replied, “Those rates are insane!”

    In yesterday’s column, however, after the new Democratic superstar, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, called for a top rate of 70 or even 80 percent, he’s all for it. He quotes such people as Peter Diamond, another Nobel laureate, who thinks the optimal rate should be 73 percent, and Christina Romer, head of President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors, who sets the sweet spot at 83 percent.

    These numbers, one infers from Krugman although it’s unclear, are the point on the Laffer Curve where revenues would begin to decline because of the tax disincentive to earn the money in the first place. At least he admits that, at a 100 percent tax rate, people would just stay in bed.

    Paul Krugman’s Political Groundhog Day
    We’re tempted to suggest a conspiracy here — but it’s just liberals agreeing yet again that conservatives have hidden, evil motives, because modern liberals simply can’t conceive of any other reason to disagree with the liberal consensus.

    “Moral precepts are constant through the ages and not obedient to circumstances.”

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    Christina Romer, head of President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors,
    LMAO. She's the clown that put out those totally bogus projections on what the effect of Barry's stimulus program on unemployment would be. She couldn't have been more wrong if she'd just had a kindergartner run a crayon across some graph paper.
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