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Thread: And  another goes away

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    vraiblonde, it would be nice to have a place like the Chesapeake Marketplace in St Mary's. But try do anything new with the Planning/Zoning Board and the Commissioners is almost impossible unless you have a boaload of time and money.
    Yes, the Box stores are selling some of the items sold at the smaller stores. Cake supplies, candy supplies, books, bulk candy, cake pans, decorations, wedding decorations, balloons etc.
    All I was saying is that they might have contributed to some of these stores closing.
    M Bucker, I am sure that your lack of sympathy will be greatly missed by the owners of Sweet Surprises. You sound just like the person I wrote about a couple of posts back. If your attitude is what a realist is, I am glad to be an entrepreneur. I am also glad to see that my wife and daughter share the same entrepreneurial spirit. If we fail, so be it. Atleast we will not go through life wondering "What if...." Is it a hassle? No way! It has brought my family together.
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    Here is my argument for not wanting the hassle of owning my own business.  I'm very active and I get bored very easily.  I like taking trips, I like getting outdoors, I like playing sports.  I'm very selfish with my time.  If I had my own business I would not trust anyone else to be there more than myself and that would take away from my personal time.  I wouldn't be able to take my boat out as much as I like, stuff like that.  That's why I don't have kids, I don't feel like I'd be responsible at this point in my life  (I'm also too young).   I appreciate your passion for your paticular choice but because it's not my choice don't say I'm not willing to take chances.  (That's what the stock market is for, hahaha).

    As for Sweet Suprises I have to come clean.  I have a personal issue with the owner and her family.  That is why I am happy they went under.  It may be, it is, but let's just say it's a money issue (not a small amount either).   Don't think I'm evil because of it though.  

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    Well, at least we now know where you're coming from.  And I'm a business owner and I LOVE IT!  But you're right - it's not for everyone.
    "Too much agreement kills a chat."
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    I am very sorry to hear of the closing of Sweet Surprises. Where will my husband get my Valentine Candy now? They had the best selection of dark chocolate candy I have ever seen
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    I'll correct you becuase you are wrong StarBuck. Conspiracy? Please. I was just pointing out that the commissioners gave in to a deal to finally end the lawsuit. The owner of First Colony pledged to build a pool with their own money, *if* they could put a BJ Warehouse on that corner of their lot.

    No was in the paper; I read it. I was simply stating that our commissioners gave in.

    And as far as the the fact that someone brought up there was no interest in signing a deal to open a movie theater....thats was also in the paper and it was true. However, that sentence came from the developers of the property, not from some 3rd party. They said what they wanted, to persuade the commisioners to let them have it their way. In the end, they did get what they wanted.

    There is a demand for a good movie theater here; just read that thread again. No one said the current one was just fine. For the money, it plain and simply sucks.

    And another point; that corner of First Colony was actually designated to be for an entertainment necessarily a theatre. BJ Warehouse is definitely not entertainment!

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