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Thread: Tacky women

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    curiouser and curiouser Nickel's Avatar
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    Vrai, the editors of Allure have just the answer for you. According to their "How to Give a Friend a Makeover" section of their Insider's Guide, you should:

    1. Soften the blow
    2. Accept your differences
    3. Sacrifice yourself
    4. Expect return favors

    I don't want to get in trouble by elaborating word for word.
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    I have a friend Paula who not only will tell anyone how "she" feels about anything they do but does it in a way that you don't know whether to slap her or hug her.

    She'll say "Ewwww, get away from me, why you got that on? People almost feel bad they offended her. She mostly did that to men but she would pretty much say it to anyone.

    My other friend HATED when I wore the AVON quill eyeliner. It was like a tiny quill with a stick brush that you can make a line on the eyelids. I loved it but she hated it and she would always say, "There you go with that line again".

    I never listened to my friends or family when they comment on stuff I feel good about. However, depending on how you break it down I wouldn't do it in the buttery way.

    Some things you have to make it seem like a cause you are fighting, talk in an even but firm tone as if it's the way the world is going now a days as you pat her on the shoulder and hold your head down shaking it in disbelief but understanding..

    But, it depends on what she means to you and your circle. I am surprised no one else has told her yet (you have to wonder why) or why haven't her children (kids are so honest).

    Is she worth your act of looking out for her possibly going wrong? Especially if she doesn't listen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vraiblonde View Post
    There's this woman I know up here - she's not really a friend, but we are friendly and have been to each others' house socially, like that.

    She could be really attractive BUT she overtans so she's this weird color - almost a brick red, with blinding white around her eyes. And she wears highly frosted eye shadow and dark brown lipstick, plus she overfrosts her hair so it looks totally Kansas City.

    I keep wanting to say something to her. If it were my best friend, I'd simply go, "Look, Janice, the 70's are over and you're to old to pull off 'retro'. Say bye bye to this eye shadow because I'm throwing it away." But I don't know this woman well enough to do that.

    So my question is:

    If you did your hair/makeup in a way that made you look completely heinous, would you want someone to point it out? Or would you be offended because obviously you like this look or you wouldn't be wearing it?
    So update us... did you ever approach K_Jo with your makeover ideas?
    Imagine how much better America would be if you would simply don a pair a pants before sitting down at your Playskool My First 'Puter.


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    Quote Originally Posted by kwillia View Post
    So update us... did you ever approach K_Jo with your makeover ideas?
    No, I decided K_Jo is beautiful just as she is.
    "Too much agreement kills a chat."
    ~Eldridge Cleaver

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    Quote Originally Posted by vraiblonde View Post
    No, I decided K_Jo is beautiful just as she is.
    I know this is an ancient thread but this lady doesn't look like she's rocking a poodle on her head does she?
    Listen to me now, and believe me later: it doesn't matter how much you pump up those muscles, as long as you reach the full pumptential.

    It's not 'roids but thanks for noticing...

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