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Thread: Anyone else not liking the new 98 Star mornings?

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    ...and WTF is up with Beverly Farmer's "southern maryland traffic report"? I think they must have paid Metro Traffic a little extra just for her to mention all of the roads in the area, whether there is a traffic problem or not. She rattles them all off "route 5 coming out of Waldorf...usual delays. Route 4, know the drill".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Annakinnus
    I miss Heather and T-Bone. I liked hearing about what was going on in the community and hearing other points of view, however controversial. Now there's nothing like that now. I don't want drivel about this day in history and if I want all music, I'll pop in a CD.
    [QUOTE=Originally Posted by WHICHWAYISUP?
    Format blows and Moondog is a poor excuse for a DJ[QUOTE]

    Got to agree with both statements

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    I thought I had read on here that moondog was being replaced. Does anyone know if that is true???

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    I have switched to 100.3, good tunes. Moondoggie sucks, maybe if they got him a partner to talk to. The background music they play while he talks gives me a headache. And who the he!! is madam chichiwoo? with the horoscopes? Who cares. I cant believe Im saying this, but I too miss T-bone and Heather. Alot

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    I like Moondog. Station format is OK, but prefer 100.3 for its expanded listening area and the larger pool of songs/times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dupontster
    Got to agree with both statements
    GREAT AV!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BS Gal
    :runningtocartosetstation: Thanks!
    Beauty fades but Bit(h lasts forever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikeinsmd
    The thought of paying for radio makes me cringe but I heard some XM recently & I'm afeered what I might do next. The "Buzzsaw" was rockin!!!

    Broadcast Radio around here SUX.
    I have XM in BG's truck, and on the bike..

    Love it.

    We never listen to local radio anymore.
    Nero played the fiddle, Obama danced the Tango.

    Quote Originally Posted by BadGirl
    Bob is the bestest lookin and smartest man I've ever met.

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    not sure....they won't tell me
    I only have 3 stations that come in clear in my shop....102.9, 98.3 and 97.7

    I listened to "the moondog micheals morning show" for a couple of weeks hoping it would get better after the initial newness wore off....IMO, It didn't

    I'm back to listening to the other 2 again....I think after I move that I will be able to pick up 101.5 without the static
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    Can only get one station in the office. 97.7 But I like the new music format on 98.3
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