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Thread: Thanks for the info ;-)

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    Thanks for the info ;-)

    Hey everybody !

    Thanks for all the replies and info, this forum is great ! I am sure my hubby and I will experience sticker shock ( even tho Florida living isn't cheap ) ,we've already checked out the rentals available in the classified so we know what to expect ... bracing ourselves ... ha ha ...

    Anyways reason I asked about shopping besides being a typical woman who has to get her occasional shopping fix is that I currently work in the retail biz so I wanted to get an idea on whats up there as far as stores go, sounds like southern Maryland has a variety of things to offer even if I would have a longer commute than what I am used to here in florida , This might be the time for a career change , if not this will be one other thing I will just have to get used to besides the change of climate ...

    Cariblue... I agree with you, give me a warm sandy beach any day <smile> I will miss florida's beaches even though we are looking forward to something different ( my teenage son is actually looking forward to experiencing snow since he has lived in florida all his life thus far ) speaking of ... how much snow can we expect in a typical winter there ? <bracing myself again>

    Again, thanks again , thanks for all the replies, we are enjoying reading here every day as we get ready to move north .

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    I moved here from Jacksonville, FL in Jan '95 and that winter I saw the most snow I've seen since high school (Bronx, NYC). Since then, we are lucky if we get 5" for the entire winter.

    I think it's just a matter of time before we get another good dose though.

    I lived in Mechanicsville then Great Mills (St. Mary's County) now I'm in Calvert County. Over all I prefer Calvert (Schools, taxes, etc.).

    Welcome and good luck!

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    how about this one, it would make a good sticky

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