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Thread: What has gone wrong with this country!

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    Mar 2002
    While I believe - Fair is Fair, I don't believe your system is fair.

    Let me start off by saying I think the EIC is wrong - Why give people money back from taxes that they did not pay - does not make sense to me and it sounds like back door welfare.

    But in saying that, I don't believe families making less than $40,000 should pay income tax.  Why - They can't afford it.  While the annual charge would only be (15%) $6,000 before any deduction - They should be able to spend that money on their family.

    The short fall should be borne by the wealthy and by business.  Does this mean that the wealthy are being penalized for being successful - well that is an argument - But I would argue that paying taxes is the responsibility for those that are successful and a way to spread good will to those less fortunate.
    'The Constitution is an impediment to these liberals like Dick Gephardt. And you know why? The Constitution limits the power of the Government."

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    Mar 2002
    This post is in reply to Vicos regarding Section 8 tenants...

    My ex is a real estate agent. While married, we purchased several rental properties, thinking they would be a good investment (ha ha ha). Two of them were rented to Section 8 tenants...I could fill a book with the nightmare stories regarding these properties! Our experiences with Section 8 tenants have NOT been good. The county paid approx. 80-90% of the rent, the tenant paid the rest. Collecting even THAT small amount (usually $200 or less) was a challenge, and getting a Section 8 tenant actually EVICTED for nonpayment is a 3-6-month process... Then, how do you get your money?? You can file a lien against the tenant, but then what do they own that you can attach it to?? None of the cars our tenants drove were titled in their name, and we had issues with them letting other people live with them who were not on the lease. We would report it to the Section 8 Housing office, but they would call the tenant to discuss it with them prior to investigating, and all the tenant did was hide their boyfriend's stuff when a Section 8 caseworker came over...

    I "inherited" one of these townhouse rental properties via my divorce settlement BIG mistake!!! Less than a year after I owned it, the tenant stopped paying rent guess who had to make up the difference to keep it from going to foreclosure??? When I filed the necessary paperwork in Howard Co. to begin the eviction process, the tenant abandoned the property, leaving it full of broken furniture, personal belongs, rotten food, trash etc. Even though I did all of the fix-up work myself except for the new flooring (ALL was trashed and had to be replaced!)  the total cost was over $6K. Made DOZENS of trips to Lowes had to replace nearly every light fixture, door knob, and even some outlets. Hauled out over 50 bags of trash...Still in shock that people can trash a house that thoroughly that they actually BREAK electrical outlets...

    The good news I could write off the rental income loss and costs of repair on my taxes. The bad news  the way my ex depreciated the property on our prior taxes, I actually had to show a profit on the sale of the property when in reality it was over a $10K loss from the initial investment.

    The moral of this story real estate is a dubious investment at best, and renting out a property to anyone you can't get excellent references for is downright DUMB....

    The system works well for the tenants, NOT as well for the landlords....
    When life gives you hair, make hairballs.

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    Apr 2002
    Southern Maryland
    Sierra39... you've hit it right on the nose with Section 8 people..

    Most have no concern about anybody but themselves and if you do try to evict one because of non-payment ect.. they will trash the place.. they think they are getting even with you for evicting them.. I did find out however.. that if they are evicted from a Section 8 housing you can keep them from renting in another Section 8. Report them to HUD.. keep pictures and documents showing what they've done. HUD will 9 times out of 10 stand with you on the matter... They can't title cars or other property in their names... cause then they wouldn't get the Section 8... Believe me ... these people know how to work the system... and the sad thing is ... they are teaching this all to their children.. They are not teaching children how to get out.. get a job.. go to school... or make something of their lives... what most are teaching them is how to get out and BEAT THE SYSTEM !!!!!!!!!

    AND IT MAKES ME MAD !!:angry:

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    Apr 2002
    Southern Maryland
    Dalmationlady on 1:53 pm on April 23, 2002[br]They are not teaching children how to get out.. get a job.. go to school... or make something of their lives... what most are teaching them is how to get out and BEAT THE SYSTEM !!!!!!!!!
    Yeah!  but some have become even cunning enough to CON people into thinking they are trying to better themselves by getting a LAW degree off of OUR tax dollars!  Sheesh people!  Are we so blind we can't see it?  That is the purpose of this thread... this person is SUCKIN the system.. and will have a law degree... so she can do what?  Beat the system in a higher degree... We are ALL a product of our environment.... she will just be a product which is something we can't fathom... because like the few on here... they support her and her ways....  and they will get wiser...  Again, I support someone needing help to get back on their feet.. but NINE HUNDRED FR**Kin DOLLARS for rent is not support!  A PAID LAW DEGREE is not support!  She can throw in 3 or 4 hundred more for rent... think she needs support if she can whip that kind of cash around?  I said enough and I'll watch this thread.. but I am DIGUSTED with the system and the PHONEY supporters of people like this!  Think I'll write the state legislature!
    Nothing is certain except death, taxes - and calls from telemarketers regardless of That don't work! Ask AT&T!

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    Welfare to Work

    Oh what are we to do with all these poor people? Let's start a class war. We'll drag out all these tokens of poverty and show all the harm they create. Thet will help us drive them away. Oh wait, we've been doing that for 200 years already.
    Folks, welfare is a drop in the bucket. If a single mother with 3 kids and no job gets food stamps and temporary cash she gets barely enough to make ends meet, and that's the rule. You all are dragging out the exception to this rule with your stereotypes of welfare cheats. Sure there are people who suck from the system but hey, if we take social welfare away we just have more $$ for corporate welfare. Do we really need to subsidize McDonalds to help them market hamburgers in India and then just shrug and say "oh well" when the majority of the Indian population boycots McDonalds for killing cattle and trying to force feed a billion Hindus beef products?....

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    I sooooo want to ride it, just never been on one that big before!

    "I paid in over 11 thousand dollars last year on federal taxes alone!"

    Try having them take out over $25,000! That's more than some people make in a year.

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    Welfare Reform

    Oh yea, let me remind you all about the Welfare Reform Act of 1996. It puts a 5 year limit on AFDC (Aid to families w/ Dependant Children) and that time limit expired last quarter. So all these families who are born and die on welfare are no more. 5 years and the chord gets cut. And now is the time that these folks have to be working or they wil have NO support. Is that the kind of reform you were looking for? Well it's been goin on for 5 years now and it's only getting more strict...Now You have to be working 30 hours a week to receive food stamps unless you have children under 17, in that case you can get about 6 months of food stamps, then the work requirement sets in. And King George II wants to up the work requirement to 40 hours a week. You ever try to work 40 hours at Burger King? It's hard to get a 40 hour week. 35 hours yea, 40 hours is tough...Whataya do?...Stop complaining like these paople are taking money out of your pocket....Your'e getting robbed of tax dollars weather we give people welfare or not...Not like your tax dollars will decrease....Class War victems

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    Im sorry that you haven't been able to find a job in the last 5 years, Why should I have to pay for that?

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    Yes, that is the kind of reform I'm looking for. I think 5 years is to long to be on welfare Why should I pay (Well my husbend-hehe) for some person to sit at home making babies and wasting the money away on cars and useless crap. My husbend and I paid $15,000 in taxes for someone to waste it. Now I know that there are cases out there where people need it, but it's not that much. And if "King George II" as you call him wants to make people on welfare work more hours, well than welcome to the real world!!!

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    Steps to get off Welfare


    Female- If you cant afford to support yourself close your legs and quit having kids (how often are the fathers of every kid different, quite often it seems)

    Male- If you don't want kids to support either keep it in your pants or use protection, its cheap and effective.


    Put down the beer, beer is expensive and you can't better yourself while passed out drunk. Plus your setting a bad example for your kids.


    Get it through your thick head that nobody owes you anything, you are your own responsibility and if you decide to have kids they are your responsibility too, not mine.


    If you have a hard time making ends meet you really shouldnt go out and buy a Mustang because you always wanted one, be happy with a Yugo if it gets you arround.

    You don't need those $400 chrome rims and blue headlights, put that money in the bank.


    Tell your kids they need to take school seriously so they will be able to have a good life. I went to school with many welfare kids that I knew would be on welfare all of their life, 10 years after hight school graduation they are still on welfare, most called me a dork for wanting to do well in school. The jokes is on them now (or is them).


    Quit smoking, its really bad for you and since you dont have the money for medical treatment it will probably kill you. It is also a dirty and expensive habbit.

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