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Thread: What has gone wrong with this country!

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    Hear, hear, Sharon!

    Shanobi, I firmly believe that if you give people no alternative but to better themselves, they will, in fact, better themselves. If you keep enabling the non-producers in this country, they will keep being non-producers.

    No one forces people to have children they can't care for. No one forces people to be poor. No one forces people to use drugs. There are so many educational programs out there that there's no excuse for people to be uneducated. In fact, with grants and scholarships, it's easier for a poor kid to go to college than a middle-class one. Everything else is just an excuse to keep the poor and uneducated enslaved by the system.
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    Originally posted by RoseRed
    Sounds like a "little birdie" should make a call to SS and have this guy investigated.
    What for? He hasn't done anything wrong and we aren't doctors and you would be wasting a phone call... we have opinions, that's it! I am not stickin up for him, but he's learned the system. So have ALL the one's that are reaping those asst. bennies... that was the whole point of this thread... the woman has 3 or 4 kids, on assistance with 8 or 9 hundred for rent and states she can afford to throw in 3 or 4 hundred more! and she is a LAW student (who is paying that?) and claims she is shunned for her situation....

    Butterfly: I read your post above and I TRULY believe that assistance is GREAT for someone "needing" it... I wasn't trying to condemn the whole system, I am pointing out how ABUSED this system has become. I was very close to relatives and friends that truly needed it... But these abusers are ten-fold compared to the legitimate needy... I have witnessed section-8, honey-combed apartments and areas throughout the country... These corporations owning or running it think.. wow! guaranteed rent (at least a large percentage) and don't care WHO is on it or why..... they are a part or the coruption of that abusal-assistance!
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