I was wondering if anyone in this forum could help me? I am trying to locate a Doctor in the Southern Maryland (preferably St. Marys County) area that has been of assistance or could possibly be of assistance in me going through with (spelling?)Liproscopic Gastro Intestinal Bipass Surgery (reduction of stomach for weight loss to correct severe obesity which is threatening ones life). I am looking for possibly a reference from someone that has dealt with a Doctor that has helped them plea the case to their health insurance provider that this procedure was medically necessary and either did the procedure themselves or referred you to a specialist in this region (even Baltimore or DC would be acceptable for the surgery, I am just looking for a local Doctor to help me get approved thru my insurance for this procedure to be done)

if you could please let me knoe if there is any of you that might be of assistance...my email is i_blong_2_hwkfxr@yahoo.com Thank you so very much!

Karen Couturier