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Thread: Waldorf the afternoon

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    Quote Originally Posted by ItalianScallion View Post
    Is that why you chose the name "nutz"?
    Also notice how the malls in VA don't seem to have the same trouble? Springfield mall, Landmark Mall, Pentagon City Mall, etc. Ever wonder why? Whas' up Maryland??!!
    From reports, it would appear to be apropos.

    Good news, I was out in Leesburg last night. The metro expansion is going well and soon the little thugs will have access to better shopping, dining, and higher end auto theft

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldHillcrestGuy View Post
    Hey old guy it was the early 60's, I also played on Carozza Field and also worked at Montgomery Wards, (66-68) my first real job other then delivering papers.
    You're right, Hillcrest Guy, because Iverson Mall opened in 1967, and when it did, it was the DC area's first indoor, self-enclosed, climate controlled mall. It may not have any of its former anchor stores or any other well known stores other than Mom & Pop type places, but the fact that it's still open and doing a good business is amazing. So many other malls (such as Landover) that came after it have already closed. When I'm in Marlow Heights for one of the Steak in a Sack get togethers I host, occasionally I"ll cruise through the mall (and sometimes actually buy something). There are several places in the mall where I'll stop and a flood of memories will come back (Sumi's was here, Kitt's used to set up a piano outside over there, the Italian Gourmet was upstairs, etc.). Of course, it's still something to stand there on the overpass above Iverson Street, looking down below and out towards Branch Avenue.
    Chuck Fraley

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChesBchSportsmn View Post
    I used to live on Fairlawn Street.
    I lived on the next street over, Eliot Place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rdkarob View Post
    WAS HORRIBLE. My kid will never ever go there without an adult and I don't think that would be safe either. These kids hanging up there are awful. A friend of mine was walking with his wife, daylight mind you, and these 4 teens came up to him and just punched him in the stomach and ran. Ghetto type, doorags or whatever you call them. I cannot believe it. They did not rob him, just ran away laughing, said they could not have been more than 15. It was reported, but they security guard kind of shrugged it off. Unbelievable what this county has now become. Why are parents not parenting.....I don't get it. Who is going to run this country in another 50 years.....there is no one!!!!!! Our young children are in a world of trouble....literally!
    Ummm...why would you even go there? The rest of us knew at least 10 years ago, if not longer, that it was off limits.

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