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    Virginia Expo

    How was the scrapbooking expo in June?I didnt make it this year, as i was sick.
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    The Cinch Net?

    Looks interesting, let us know how it works out for you.I might try it as well.
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    Local trainer recommendations?

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    Consignment Tack Stores

    A tack sale would be great, there haven't been any around in awhile !!!
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    Farrier needed ASAP in Charlotte Hall

    Try Luke- 240-682-5871 Hes very good
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    Looking for ....

    Hi My 16 year old daughter, Kylie, is working with a really nice 9 year old quarter horse mare.She's small, about 15" and is really sweet. They are asking $900.00 for her. She's in the Brandywine area. Call us on 240-320-4086
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    Horse Science School 2011!

    can you please post the check list of items to bring? Or will this be emailed to everyone? Thanks
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    SMTR Schedule?

    The schedule is now posted on the website. Next ride is April 23rd at Rosaryville State Park.
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    My Little Cowgirl!

    So Cute !! She looks so happy !! Kylie says you were her favorite HSS teacher !!!
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    HSS and SMHC meeting

    Everything still on for the meeting for HSS?
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    SMTR RIDE at Myrtle Grove March 13th

    beautiful day, the trail ride was great !!
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    Here we go again with board!!!

    sorry, I meant you help with the feed rotations and take turns feeding, you dont feed the horses every day, just on your turn, so with 1 horse you would feed the horses about 2 times a week. Not aabd.I have my horses there. I am one of the instructors. You can call me and coeem visit anytime...
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    Here we go again with board!!!

    Try Frederick Hall in Accokeek, MD off Indian Head Hwy. Full board is $350.00 or if you want to help with feed rotations, its $170.00- you feed and do your own stalls.There's an outdoor ring with dressage area set up and jumps and there is an INDOOR RIDING RING !!!Nice barn.
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    Need a 90 or 92 blanket and heated buckets

    There were heated buckets and lots of blankets at the 4-H Tack sale this past weekend. maybe someone will reply to this request.
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    Barrel Racing Clinic

    My daughter and I are interested as well.