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    Big screen TV...

    My Panasonic plasma has been working great for almost 2 years. Nice bright picture viewable from all angles. No problems with burn-in at all and we play video games and watch channels with tickers on them for hours. HDTV programs are crisp and clear.
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    I used it 7 years ago and I was finally able to quit smoking. I had no side effects, but my brother-in-law insisted it gave him extremely vivid nightmares. :ohwell:
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    Sunshine DayCare

    No, random graduate floating about the Internet.
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    Sunshine DayCare

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    Sunshine DayCare

    My kid went there for 6 years. We were happy with the place.
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    Garden Pests -- Rabbits and Deer

    We tried marigolds this year in an attempt to stop the deer from eating our plants. For weeks it seemed to be working, but sometime Friday night the marigolds were trampled in their haste to eat the hostas. :ohwell:
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    Hey AnniesDad

    Thanks everyone! I'm older AND it's a Monday. :twitch:
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    Monday morning...

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    I want THIS guy's lawyer... (news from home)

    Maybe you should get a lawyer and sue her.
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    I want THIS guy's lawyer... (news from home)

    :yeahthat: Of a head trauma.
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    STM Teacher Arrested???

    Enterprise say a LHS music teacher was arrested for making false reports of a prowler.
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    Good Friday Morning!

    Yeah, Po had the most personality. :killingme
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    Good Friday Morning!

    :twitch: My kid loved that thing when she was younger.
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    stop treating me like sh*it

    :killingme: :killingme: :twitch:
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    stop treating me like sh*it

    Yes I was kidding, just thinking of the irony. :killingme