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    2012 Show, Clinic, Event Dates

    I noticed your list mentions a clinic in Late Feb. at A.M.I.T for show prep does anyone know the details. I need to determine if it would be a possible activity for someone new to riding. Thanks for any possible info.
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    Horse Shows?

    No, that barn boy's job (aka hubby or boyfriend). Have I not trained you to know better? They do need a vested interest in their investments you know!:diva: Congrats, on new boy I knew you were going to find a way - hey, pm me his class time and #.
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    I got some blankets I need to get rid of too all Comet's 2 year old blankets All mine have been washed:razz:, but I been home all year not running the roads and winning BIG!! Congrats on Congress results:yahoo::drool: Does blanket sell mean someone went bye bye?
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    The farrier Angus White...

    IMO alot of local farriers are an "odd" lot! Please, Oh Farrier Gods help us in Southern Maryland! I just had a similiar event with a local farrier who I could NEVER recommend! 1- I did not like his cocky attitude, but mostly I don't understand "the I don't want to be told/informed...
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    Shoulder's Back

    : When I was hunting for this, (for I have terrible posture both on and off a horse and somehow in my youth I thought bad posture would hide a big chest) I seem to remember you could get one a Walmart for a lot less than Dover. Refinement of aids is the name of the game for educated riders...
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    Lessons learned on the trails?

    A summer vacation for the kids/self, but hubby was working there for 6 months. It really is a lovely country and a great place for animal lovers! It truely was like going back in time, milk and dairy products are still delivered to the house. Everyone uses the paths thur private land with...
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    Lessons learned on the trails?

    I too, trailer everywhere, even when only a mile! But, I think it is absurd that for the safety of my horse/self I have to! We DEFINATELY need more education, manners and general kindness! Two years ago, while in England for the summer, I was amazed that people did not become rude when they...
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    close contact saddle

    Hey, would this fit my tiny bottom person, as in my very thin son. I was cleaning out said childs closet to put stuff on ebay and I have some stuff that might fit the little person who was riding with you last fall. Is he going to ride this year? What color showmanship outfit did you pick? I...
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    There I go assuming..

    I need to sort all my kids stuff! I think I have western and english show clothes 4 - 10 some never worn, but definately no TS with twins! I have the cutest grey stripe hunt coat 8/10 never worn. I purchased the boys horse clothes, but after leadline they never wanted to show. Guess I...
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    Where are you showing in 2010??

    Me too, they look so sweet! One day I want a granddaughter that loves horses, riding, and yes the clothes too! And I am going to spoil her, then send her home for her parents to worry about character. But for now, the toys in this house all have wheels, motors...its a male world!
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    Water-proof blanket repair

    I too swear by heavy duty duck tape! ( I keep a roll at barn and trailer if hubby does not steal it:tantrum) Especially if reasons prevent taking up to ELam's. Last spring Turbo's Blanket had two duck tape patches that held for weeks until the end of season and I washed it as well.
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    Boot Repair

    I too was not very impressed either. Did not get boot fixed when they said they would, 2 weeks longer with me bugging them. Then they only did some minor zipper repair that didn't work instead of replacing the zipper after telling me they could. I too, found more help sending boots back to...
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    I am not judging either, but I just want it all!:killingme Big, beautiful moving horse with training, points ... large LQ, Big beautiful barn and yes that darn cute stable boy!:diva: Greedy witch ....Oh yeah, and someone to pay for it all!
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    I hate that empty wallet thing! Horsewomen can spend alot of money, and we would do it wisely!:killingme Sounds like you are doing alot of work! Congrats, I am sure you will enjoy barn/lighted ring.:yahoo:
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    Best Barn Features

    Those stalls are beautiful! As wonderful and needed as the air flow is I hate all the kicking, fussing, ... that seems to occur with half walls with grills so I am back to wanting full side walls with half wall fronts with mesh doors. Could not live w/o hot/cold water wash rack ever again...