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    Today In The Navy 51 Years Ago....

    51 years ago today, Arliss James, a North Carolina mountain man, enlisted in the U S Navy. Arriving at Great Lakes Naval Training Center for induction, he and all the recruits were issued combs, and then had all their hair shaved off by navy barbers. The second day, James was issued a...
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    Cinnamon Coke

    Rum always works......
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    Ohio State Stupidness

    Do you understand that the whole article was read by the OP, and that was noted, right? ? Your cut and past abilities are improving, though.
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    Ohio State Stupidness

    No. Just annoyed at the continued arrogance of people or organizations that think something is cute.
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    Which Service?

    Little Alex was standing in the foyer of his church, looking up at a plaque with names on it, bordered by an American flag on each side. The pastor notices him, and comes over to stand beside the little boy. The pastor asks Alex what he thinks of the plaque. "Pastor", Alex asks "what are those...
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    Cinnamon Coke

    I like the sprite zero cranberry, but that is already a fruity based soda. Coke is not. I am a Coca Cola purist, I guess.
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    Ohio State Stupidness

    Trademark the word "the".:killingme Ohio State has filed an application to trademark the word “the,” which just happens to be the most commonly used word in the English language...
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    Cinnamon Coke

    Yuk. Messing with Coke. Like messing with perfectly good beer by adding all these flavors.
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    Epstein Update

    While the NYC Medical Examiners office was on lunch break today, Jeffrey Epstein's body cremated itself.
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    Epstein isn't dead.....

    Wrong. He's managing that little fish Taco Stand with Elvis in San Ysidro, just north of the border crossing with Tijuana.
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    Mainland china starts mobilizing troops 25km from pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong

    The Chicomms just cannot allow this dissent to spread to the mainland. It will be interesting, and potentially dangerous for the world.
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    Southern Comfort

    The owner of a golf course in Georgia was confused about paying an invoice, so he decided to ask his secretary for some mathematical help. He called her into his office and said, “Y’all graduated from the University of Georgia and I need some help. If I wuz to give yew $20,000, minus 14%, how...
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    Way to stick it to the children, Republicans.

    Tsk Tsk. As if you and your Chicken McNugget happy meals have nothing to do with it.
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    Mysterious, ancient radio signals keep pelting Earth

    The professors' radio from Gilligans Island secretly transmitting fropm the Howell's hut at night.....