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    Do you need a permit

    I miss Nomoney. Really.
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    I make some Japanese fried chicken, and it calls for potato starch or tapioca starch. It does make the chicky nice and crispy.
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    What's for dinner?

    Meatloaf, rice and fresh broccoli, with a fresh strawberry sauce and whipped cream over mini-angel food cakes.
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    Who had a wonderful day today?

    I had a lunch of Pho, and it was sooooo good. Otherwise, it was just another day.
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    St. Mary's Co. On View Arrests/Warrants/Criminal Citations

    Sadie needs to chill the Hell out.
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    Happy birthday, Bann!

    Happy birthday, Chicka! Love you! :bdaycake:
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    Harley and BMW announce their first child

    This collaboration will not make ItsBob happy.
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    Happy birthday, my-thyme!

    Happy, happy birthday to one of my favorite people. Hope you have a day filled with lots of everything you love.
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    "How do you sleep at night??"

    Meathead. Rob Reiner. Celebrity Azzhole.
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    Mom accidentally names daughter Korn due to birth certificate error

    If she was the least bit concerned about the proper spelling of her new daughter, she would have used "Cora".
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    The shootings will continue until...

    I used to live in Westbury, one of the very first single family homes in the old section. I owned my home for 10 years, and had no bad experiences at all. In fact, made a lot of money when I sold. It was terribly convenient to work, bars, and the fun activities of a 30 year old woman. 😉...
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    New Garage Door

    We just had our final two large 14'x14' garage doors installed last week by Jamie Thomas of Thomas' Garage Doors (Jamie Thomas Garage Door [Mobile] (301) 904-1623). Itsbob and I installed the three hi-lift 8'x10' garage doors ourselves, after assembling the rails, panels, etc.. We bought the...
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    HOYER: Hoyer Announces Staff Change

    Dang. I was hoping that Steny was announcing his departure from the House. :sad:
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    St. Mary's Co. Board of Education of St. Mary's County to Meet on Wednesday, April 28, 2021

    Rather than cutting programs and teachers salaries, I wonder if the BOC has considered eliminating administrative positions and cutting administrative salaries. I bet not.