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    This stuff makes me crazy

    I remeber this well. I was their age. After that we weren't allowed to ride our bikes all over Lincoln like we used to do...
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    What's happening across from Toot's?

    My guess is a "certified"" wacky weed growing facility....
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    School Board Group Asks Biden’s Help with Anti-CRT ‘Domestic Terrorist’ Parents

    Biden firmly answered, "It Happens"...
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    Toxic Politics and Social Media - Viva Frei Vlawg

    Here is now running to be a member of Parlament.
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    Sonic Boom??

    Asteroid isn't due until Nov 2nd...
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    Sonic Boom??

    Felt it down here in California area
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    Extreme abuse of power

    When state constitutions conflict with federal constitution, then federal wins. 1st amendment trumps all states. This was settled in 1865.
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    Website Hosting/Maintenance

    Does anyone here in SOMD have a recommendation for someone who does websites? The person I had previously did a fantstic job, but "retired" a few years ago. Website needs some work...
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    Electrical question

    Most, if not all LED lights have a transformer built in. The LED doesn't go bad, but the transformer will, which effectively means you have to to replace the light anyways...although you do save $$ from using the LED
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    Ukrainian Boeing plane crashes in Iran, 176 people dead

    They shot it down by "mistake"...
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    The Left Is Itching to Repeal Your Tax Cuts. Here’s What That Would Mean.

    Ain't never gonna happen. The R's had total control for 2 years and spent more than the D's. R or D, doesn't matter they all spend more each year than the previous year.
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    Secret Service spent quarter of a million dollars at Trump’s properties in first five months of his term,

    Where is your umbrage of the 8 YEARS of Biden collecting rent from Secret Service?
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    NH RVers found dead at Padre Island

    I'm glad they caught the guy, but they didn't say anything about the female accomplice. So with extradition issues, I hope TX authorites only charge them with theft until AFTER they are extradited, then file murder charges.
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    Tennessee Bound

    Who is this ED guy?? Never met him...