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    Mike got jacked!

    Knowing and proving are two different things, and if it's a juvi, the cops probably don't want to waste the time to pick him, or her, up so they can be released an hour later.
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    Missouri mom defends son beating up school bully in viral post: 'Problem solved'

    No, they just go on looking for the next weakest link. Bullies are like hyenas, they look for the person cast out of the herd. That way even those who wouldn't be considered a bully will condone and even cheer on their bad behavior. You don't just put them down with three punches, you beat...
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    "Actors are pretty stupid."

    Know your limitations and know who the smart people are. So many politicians (particularly liberals) believe they are smarter than everyone else, They are THEN encyclopedia of knowledge from A through Z. I think being an idiot is the only class they took in law school. and they passed with...
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    crikey. Well, this is a country who worships Mao, who was on a par with HItler and Stalin in the 20th century. Does it really surprise you?
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    Nobody warned me about a potential conflict of interest.

    Ism't ironic that the people who are held up as smarter than us, don't have the common sense of a door? Actually, maybe they are smarter, people allow them to get away with playing dumb, then re-elect them. So who's the dummy?
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    Georgia jogger seen slapping TV reporter’s butt on-air banned from races

    One question, was it a nice azz, worthy of smacking?
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    Pensacola shooting

    is that what they called the strip club?
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    Pensacola shooting

    IMHO, the Bill of Rights applies to citizens of the US, I definitely would not grant ANY rights to someone with diplomatic immunity.
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    New Zealand volcano erupts, at least 5 dead, rescuers can't access island

    Yep, the personal injury attorney, or at they prefer to be called, the Trail Lawyers Association - one of the largest lobbies on K Street. They have helped drive up the cost of health care and drive certain practitioners out of business. Any doctor in a high risk specialty either gets out or...
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    Shoppers supermarkets being sold

    Thank you but no thank you. Not my cup of tea. Just pointing out they had a market niche that Giant, Aldis and Teeter didn't really serve.
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    New Zealand volcano erupts, at least 5 dead, rescuers can't access island

    FWIW, Gilligan and company at least made if off the island from their 3 hour tour.
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    St. Mary's Co. 22800 block of Three Notch Road in California

    I guess Motel 6 paid for an address update so they could get on the list of priority lodging providers in DTS. Yes boys and girls, this is where the government people are suppose to stay. Only it' snot California, it's LP City, Good news is, easy walking distant to liquor stores, fast food...
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    Shoppers supermarkets being sold

    With Shoppers leaving, one question, who is going to carry chicken feet? It's the only grocery store I've seen chicken feet and pigs feet.
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    Mr Vinderman - That's Lieutenant Colonel Vindman.

    Which is why Schiff is out to destroy John Solomon
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    Impeachment Witness Professor Jonathan Turley: Congress Committing High Crime And Misdemeanor In Impeachment Without Going To Courts

    Seriously, but let me correct you on one thing, it should be MORON ALERT!!!