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    Decent care at St Mary's ER last night.

    Only took them 4 visits to send me to Medstar Washington Center. I think they were just tired of seeing a repeat.
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    Hey Biden administration! Your girlfriends are here!

    Unless they are Christian or not muslim.
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    Randy Andy

    Aides can make "promises" that the people who they work for don't know about. It happens frequently in business, and often results in a lawsuit by the party who was injured. Famous last words, don't worry about it, we will make sure you get paid, just get the work done. When the person making...
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    Decent care at St Mary's ER last night.

    I would say you were lucky. When was the last time you were there? I have had three physicians file complaints with the hospital for the way the ER handled the case / missed clear diagnosis. The third case was tests that were ordered and never run, result an extra day stay before the physician...
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    And While We are at it

    in the name of a public health crisis it has been established they all civil liberties are suspended.
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    Atlantic Broadband

    Run your antenna cable(s) through a surge protector. Some have jacks for telephone, ethernet and cable. I lost all the equipment hooked up to any external line directly, but not computers since they were on WiFi and a surge protector. That ABB line going from the pole and across your yard...
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    I hope it's CNN, MSNBC and Reuters.

    I'm sure it gets lonely out in those mountains and caves. How long would they let him live?
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    God Medstar sucks

    I don't know about Medstar, but Medstar St. Mary's Hospital is a disaster waiting to kill someone. From the Nazi at the door to the people in the ER and then on the floors. More "opps" we forgot to... just fill in the blank. Oh, so sorry we left you sitting in a room, sick, waiting for 3...
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    I hope it's CNN, MSNBC and Reuters.

    Whaling was outlawed
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    A Differing Opinion is Now Misinformation and illegal in San Diego

    Ah, the dam has finally the dam has been breached. The first non-health issue to be declared a public health crisis. Liberals have been suggesting that racism and other social justice issue be declared public health crisis. But the COVID restrictions have shown the socialist they can have the...
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    I dont' think hiring the Trans Matthew Perry would have fixed CNNs issues.

    She's probably more masculine than the three of them. Probably cries less than Fredo and Lemmon
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    No one going to comment about the shelter-in-place order?

    you might be surprised. Labs are all up and running as far as I know Our building (won't say which one) has not been shut down and except for a brief "clean up" last year, busy. Non-essential staff has been teleworking.
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    This isn't only a SoMd. thing but your opinion matters....

    you should have shamed them for : #1 driving such a gas guzzling tank and contributing to the immanent death of the planet #2 because their white privilege was on full display, buying all that gas and driving the price up so minorities couldn't buy any #3 appropriating the culture of 80 year old...
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    No one going to comment about the shelter-in-place order?

    Someone's ass getting kicked for having unauthorized unexploded aviation ordinance store in bldg 2187 Basically causing everyone working in the vicinity of south engineering to have the crap scared out of them.
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    SMCPS Has Succumbed to the Spell of Brewster

    Policy is changing faster than "the science". Thursday - HPCON Bravo, only unvaccinated people had to wear masks. By 0500 Friday, ALL people on federal property and in federal vehicles had to wear masks (except Biden getting off Marine 1). Some property owners are now mandating masks. We...