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    NYC man pushed onto subway tracks near Wall Street as new mayor struggles to control surging crime

    Detention centers like we did to the Japanese Americans after Pearl Harbor.
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    Dow tumbles 1,000 points as Russia, Ukraine tensions rise

    I'm glad I took out my IRA RMD early in January before the multiple days of big losses.
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    Higher Fuel Economy Problem

    The system powers my whole house. The days the system generates more than I use is credited with the power company. At night and cloudy days the system draws from that credit. Any surplus at the end of the billing period is forwarded to the next period. At last check I carried over 2,500 kwhs.
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    You Won't Believe Why California Is Considering Raising Taxes

    Why is it that so many people get refunds? People, adjust your withholding so you wind up owing a small balance at the end of the tax year, then you don't have to worry about a delayed refund.
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    Higher Fuel Economy Problem

    I have solar and what I generate is more than I use. Regardless, I pay a monthly grid fee regardless of what I generate.
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    Jesse Watters nabs Fox News Prime Time permanent slot

    I think it's Harold Ford, JR.
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    The View

    Lawrence Jones?
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    Some good news!

    Tucker Carlson came out last night basically happy with the development, but ended his discussion with family comes first regarding Chris doing that stuff for Andrew. I don't agree with that. There may be instances when another good outweighs that.
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    Starbucks Charlotte Hall

    Yes. It's always been a problem. Hihacking a thread.
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    Starbucks Charlotte Hall

    Isn't Starbucks a little classy for Charlotte Hall?
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    COP 26 Reactions

    Actually, it's all those windmills that are causing the problem. They don't allow Nature to distribute and probably mix the northern winds with the tropical ones. Ever hear of the butterfly effect?
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    U.S. Navy Launches Ship Named After Harvey Milk

    I heard they were planning to name a aircraft carrier after an enlisted man. I though aircraft carriers were named after presidents, Stennis the exception.
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    Here's the thing about "reparations":

    I have always wondered about all the union soldiers (blue bellies were I come from) that were killed/maimed during the War of Northern Aggression. Don't they deserve something for their service?