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    Solar Panels

    Low voltage, low current. Foil tape would probably work. Super glue a penny & it would carry whatever that lil' panel will put out.
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    Solar Panels Why solder?
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    Acres of hardwood trees in jeopardy over local solar project Why can't panels be mounted on existing High Voltage transmission towers or on the "right of ways" that are already clear cut and maintained by the utilities? Md. has hundreds of miles of transmission...
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    Man dead after port-a-potty fire

    I went to work at the 3rd Street Tunnel in Washington one cold Saturday @ about 0500. After a long drive my co-worker needed to use a Porta-pottie on site. It seemed odd to see light coming out of it. When he opened the door there were 2 lit candles and a stick-up deodorizer inside. Evidently it...
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    'Medicare for All' would require obesity laws

    What does Michael Moore think about this.
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    Why are people paying 1k+ for puppies?

    I can understand paying for a papered, registered dog if you are planning to breed, show, or compete with a purebred dog. What cracks me up are the people that will gladly pay for bastardized designer mutts ie. COCKAPOOS, LABRADOODLES, PUGGLES, GOLDEN DOODLES, SHEPSKIS, etc. For dogs with no...
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    Schumer on Ilhan Omar

    Who found the word "trope" on the dusty unused word shelf, and then proclaimed that everybody should use it in every other sentence?
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    So how does that work?

    The instant replay, call, no call, Genie is out of the bottle in all major sports now. Why is it legal to challenge a catch, fumble, or breaking the plane of the goal line, but an obvious, admitted, intentional pass interference is not? It won't matter, with a few more megamillion dollar CTE...
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    Deer carcass in my driveway

    Maybe before surveillance cameras were everywhere.
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    Better Way To Handle This

    Next time she shows up ask to be paid back for what she has already borrowed, before she asks for anything. I had a childhood friend that I had not seen for several years come to my door and ask to borrow $20. I gave it to him. I told my Pops about it a couple weeks later, and he asked if he had...
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    ISO Recommendations RHEEM ELECTRIC Tankless Hot Water Heater

    You are right that their service probably won't be sufficient to run a 36kw load. However you are way off on molded case circuit breaker trip current. A properly functioning circuit breaker will carry 100% of rated current almost indefinitely. A typical home panel Square D QO 200A breaker is...
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    My neighbor has been borrowing my snow shovels since the early 90's. At least now he waits until I'm done before asking.