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    Next to Rita's Charlotte Hall

    I was told yesterday that it will be a Verizon Store.
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    Is 4 cyl turbo engine advisable to choose??

    I am considering buying a 4 cyl turbo engine chevy equinox..........any advice will be much appreciated, I have never heard of it, but I drove one today and it seemed to be very smooth with plenty of spark and pep! help!!
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    I haz rant

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    What, no Friday Night enthusiasm yet? is coconut joe's ? Food good or bad? Is it in Edgewater?......I am meeting friends there Saturday night, never have been there before, would appreciate any info you can give, thanks much.
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    For those of you so kind & willing ...

    Your family will be remembered in my prayers, we know how you are feeling, God Bless all of you.
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    Ashton sucks, says Charlie Sheen

    I agree , Ashton really is terrible in his efforts to replace Charlie Sheen..........the show will never be the same without Charlie Sheen..........I would love to see him return!!
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    McDonalds Pink Slime

    OMG what is it??
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    Atheist teen forces school to remove prayer

    Unfortunately they walk among us.............we all need to pray harder, we need to pray for her too.
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    National anthem in Drum Point

    We should all be very grateful that we are still allowed to do this in America today...........we have lost so much.
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    Hey Vrai!!!

    Happy Belated Birthday Vrai.........wish you many, many more, thanks for your help.
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    Shuttle to John's Hopkins Hospital

    Does anyone know of a shuttle or bus service that goes to John's Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore Maryland. A family member has lung cancer and he has an appointment there on November 16th, 2011 11:00 a.m. Any information you may offer will be greatly appreciated...........thank you.
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    Any Caregivers Here?

    You know.
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    (Off Topic) Incredible Song Cover...

    Awesome song and performance....thanks for sharing. I will buy it!!
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    Amish Rebellion!

    A..friggen men!!!
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    Try being grateful for a MIL that cares enough to want to be a part of your childs life, I'm sure from what you have written here that your MIL is only trying to be helpful to all of you, no one is perfect, but calm respectful communication seems to resolve most of the issues for all...