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    Anyone ever have to testify? (My dog was attacked by another dog)

    I went to court on July 31st but we never even went before the judge. I spoke with the state's attorney about 15 minutes before our case was supposed to start and she asked if there had been any more problems and I said no. Then she asked what I would like to see happen and I said that I just...
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    Can I *BUY* a propane tank (instead of renting)?

    If you purchase the tank the cost per gallon of propane is less than if you rent the tank. We bought our 100lb tank used from Suburban when we first bought our house and I can guarantee that it has paid for itself a few times over between rental fees and lower cost per fill up.
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    Hey Crotch Rocket Riders!

    I was in my work truck and they filed an insurance claim and I assume their insurance went after the guy's insurance company(if he even had insurance)
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    Anyone ever have to testify? (My dog was attacked by another dog)

    Guess what I just got in the mail...a court date notice! Now I get to take a day off work to go testify in court, yippee:doh:
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    Which do you like better: hamburgers or hotdogs?

    I will take a grilled hotdog over a hamburger every time. I especially like the Johnsonville jalapeno and cheddar smoked sausages.
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    Hey Crotch Rocket Riders!

    March 2016
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    Someone please start a ferry service!

    I would rather see a ferry from PAX to the Ranch club to alleviate traffic on Rt4.
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    Hey Crotch Rocket Riders!

    I was involved in an accident on RT4 near St Leonard where one hit me in the rear end. He was riding it like an idiot and the cops were chasing him and he tried to split lanes and bounced off the sides of 2 cars before hitting me while stopped for the road block. They pulled him out from under...
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    Women-only spa’s

    I wonder which most women would prefer to be around them while in the nude spa, a transgender man/woman who has no sexual interest in them or a butch lesbian that does...
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    You can Call Me Rr. Grill Master DW

    i'm afraid we will all need to sample that eye round before we can crown the king. I will have some mashed potatoes with my sample. :drool:
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    You can Call Me Rr. Grill Master DW

    I've never grilled an eye round, did you marinate it? I do like to use eye rounds for beef jerky though, they are nice and lean and easy to slice thin.
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    Craftsmen needed

    could you give a little more detail? what do you want to spell and is this something that will need to last for a few weeks or years? I assume outside?
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    Recommendation for a Handy Man

    what area are you in?
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    ISO Information White Sands

    White Sands is fairly large and there can be a big difference from one street to the next. I live off of Planters Wharf Rd but it is still part of White Sands. There are some streets closer to the entrance off Rt4 and some near the overhead transmission power lines that I wouldn't recommend. The...
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    a song about dogs - Slip Away

    My wife just showed me this video on youtube and it reminds me of my dog. <iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>