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    Happy birthday Dakota!

    Happy belated birthday Dakota !
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    The Wife

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    Pre School

    St John's Catholic church has preschool.
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    Jesus gonna make you rich

    There is a special place in hell for this guy...
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    Swallow anything you have in your mouth before clicking

    If that vapor brained twit is their best then:roflmao: :roflmao::roflmao:✌️.
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    So, I got vaccinated yesterday

    Cool Grandpa !
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    The convection/microwave combo took a dump

    Maybe a toaster oven. The Delongi convection toaster oven we use over the gas stove oven almost exclusively
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    The School crisis is about to go Defcon 4

    Yeah teachers don't do it for the $$ that's for sure.
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    Over/Under on Election Signs

    I really want to rip down all the O Conner signs that I can find and dump them in his driveway.
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    Do Sears technicians still roam So Md?

    Yeah the regulator is likely stuck. Sneakers has the reset process right. There are some You tubes on this as well.
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    Upgrading my Reloading Bench

    No alcohol while reloading !!!
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    That "Uh Oh" Moment...

    In my experience GFIs only last s long and get more prone to tripping over time.
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    July 19, 2022 Primary

    If he can't run a grocery business how could anyone believe he could run a county ?