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    Your just an arse stiring up crap.;.you dont own a horse and would know how to stay on if your were bucked.. I think you need to be "f" ucked rather than bucked...:dye: IF you are the local bad guys, invite them to a horsie shoot, and let them do the deed.....:killingme...
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    Westboro Baptist Church

    These wackos have a plan...they have their own family law firm full of family members....they are so good at collecting attorney fees that they make a business of it..... Go look at Wikipedia....and see just how sick they are.... And because they claim to be a "church" gets them off the hook...
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    Crazy Cat!

    Get Ace a Skamper-ramp....HERE :yay:
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    Received my census form, big questions!

    Quit being an arsehole and just answer the questions or trash it...
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    The Ospreys are back spring is on the way

    Been a fan of that opsprey site for many years! If you wnat a good place to talk osprey,,with out all the crap and such from this forum, check out : google Osprey
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    report to health department and state Dept of Ag...they issue the permits to have and sell animals/birds. etc. I feel sorry for the turtles :-(
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    Pregnant dog, vet recommendations

    Why did you breed her? You a top notch breeder AKC lab kennel with a lot of ribbons and all that Dog Show stuff? Does she a AKC pedigree? Is she thata perfect lab that you want to better the breed by making her have puppies? Know how many back yard breeders contribute to the pet...
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    Live Eagle Cam...

    Friends of the Blackwater National Refuge have a camera set up too
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    OMG. Did i just see the last of Bob Ryan?

    I like Bob,,,sat next to him at a celtic concert in Baltimore...great time was had by all!!:buddies:
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    Massive Earthquake In Chile And A Tsumani Warning

    Quick..everyone leave Haiti and go save 8.8 trumps a tiny 7.0!!!! :jameo: And Hawaii got all of a 3 foot buddies :buddies: live there and watched it all happen!!! And there was a surfer off Diamond Head about the time when the wave was due....:killingme
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    Lindsey Vonn.

    do you do downhill and super g or just run you silly yellow bellied chicken mouth? Dont complain unless you have done a few runs on her skis............
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    Sea World won't kill killer whale

    Ya take a mature, sexually active bull orca...stick it in a bath tub of chemically controled water with no fish to chase after or seals to play with and sometimes eat...and teach it to jump to a whistle...and what ya think is gonna happen? Is is gonna be a happy orca? nope... Dont...
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    Laptop assist

    Not to listen to me and to go and talk with someone who OWNS any of these as I am the last person she should talk to as I dont know squat..!!!!:killingme
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    For the Birds

    The bird in the background does not belong there and detracts from your picture.. I deleted your pic from my PC after running it thru PhotoShop... Hope you dont mind the tweeking....
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    For the Birds

    Not too bad.. try this..crop and twek the color and saturation...