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    Does Anyone Know How to File for Maryland Unmployment and

    if you are having difficulty with the online system, go to the unemployment office in the Carter building and one of their folks will sit down with you and go through the whole process. If there are any glitches, they can help to troubleshoot.
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    HVAC Company house call price

    That's really expensive. The guy I used only charges $50 to check the system and his rate to do work is $60/hr. No extra charges for evenings or weekends.
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    The new Sonic Drive-In

    I'm sure they took off due to July 4th on Friday but all they have talked about is the plan to hit both of those places. Whatever. They both have hundreds of hours of leave (govies).
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    The new Sonic Drive-In

    My neighbors took off work this week so they could go to the new Dairy Queen in Charlotte Hall on July 1 and the new Sonic in LP City July 2. I plan to avoid both places for at least a month until the novelty wears off.
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    Who are the 3,458 Millionaires living in Lexington Park, MD?

    And, more importantly, are they willing to adopt me.
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    So there I was ...

    Thank you WR! I'm having a not good, very bad day and your story made me smile. Thank for the sunshine break in my dismal day.
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    Suspicious package / police activity near Breton Bay?

    Relatively sure they are kept in the shopping center in case one of them is the perp that left the bomb. Avoid that area today. Once the scare is over the police will still keep it shut down and interrogate everyone in the area, to ensure the wannabe bomber is not one of them. It will take...
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    Body found in California, MD?

    Got it! I just knew it was a house I used to pass frequently but it was in that little niggly part of the brain that wouldn't give me the GPS.
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    Body found in California, MD?

    The house is familiar and I'm trying to place it. Is it on the rt 235 north, across from Wildewood?
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    Recommendation for reliable mechanic

    Is he reasonably priced? Does he do inspections?
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    Recommendation for reliable mechanic

    that is also an inspection station. Preferably mid to north St. Mary's County.
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    'Cheeteau' Cheetos Perfume

    Having trouble getting your stoner gamer boyfriend's attention? Spray on a little Cheetau.
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    Inexpensive wedding

    I can add nothing to this. That is an impossible budget. I'd say go with a home wedding where everyone brings a dish to share and a lawn chair. Then at least they'd have enough money for paper products, to pay the minister, and maybe the main dish as long as its something simple like fried...