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    What's Up with GMP?

    Anyone heard anything about the latest of internet outages? I called them the Wednesday night, left a message stating my internet was out. The helpful woman from GMP calls my house back stating she re-set my modem & I was to do the same to my computer at the house. Get home last night to "fix"...
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    The butterfly effect...

    I thought it was a well written/thought out flick. I even watched it back to back to catch the things I missed the first time around. Rob
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    Vanity License Plate Lands Dude in Hot Water...

    Re: Re: Vanity License Plate Lands Dude in Hot Water... That guy is an aquaintance(sp) of mine from He was telling us about it roughly 2 weeks or so before the "Smoking Gun" article came out. Pretty funny story though! Rob
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    Comcast Blowzz

    Yeah but atleast you have an OPTION of Comcast. :) Rob
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    GMP cable help!

    My cable connection hasn't been all that slow. Albeit if it rains funny, then we have no connection. There's no way I'm going back to dial-up though, so for now I'll just take the high-speed w/ sh#tty cable channels & picture. Rob
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    gmp cable

    I feel they're doing a horrible job on customer service, as well as billing. There's no reason for us to have an internet connection that is at best 1/5 of what Comcast is charging roughly 10$ less a month for. Also Comcast doesn't REQUIRE you to get expanded basic cable. To me that is a ripoff...
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    "My Take" on Racing vs. Driving

    Go to Auto X site for information on any upcoming events at FedEx field. They put on amazing events. Rob
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    Australia Cigarette Packs to Show Graphic Photos

    Europe has had this for a little while now. My Aunt went over there about a year ago & brought us all home some packs of the afore mentioned junk. It didn't really deter us even though there were a few packs with a skull & cross bones on them. lol Rob
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    GMP...can I say anything more?

    I went to Best Buy last week & on a whim I decided to check out their internet providers for high-speed. I put in my info, including credit card, address & phone #. The computer let me print out a confirmation # w/ everything else to get setup for Comcast High-speed & cable TV. My excitement was...
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    N.O.P.I. Nationals

    Anyone going this year? I'm hoping to be campaigning the 91 GSX I picked up close to a year to go. Still have to get the head from the machine shop & get a new turbo/exhaust combo. Good luck to those going. Rob 91 GSX
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    Janet Evanovich

    My fiance' reads these books all the time. Check at Barnes & Noble or whatever that book place in Waldorf is. I think Janet E. is coming to town very shortly to do autographs & I believe to release a new book. Rob
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    bike leathers

    What size are you? What kind of leathers are they, I recently lost my round shape in the stomach area. I'm trying to find some gear at a decent price for my future bike. I'm 6'3, 185lbs.
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    Wedding help needed

    We're getting married there in September. I was amazed at how beautiful that place is. I love how you can see the three bodies of water come together from the gazebo.
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    Creamated Lovers

    I've heard better
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    MPD? I've always seen this, but never got it either? :confused: Rob