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    Carriage Rides

    Call the carriage company and see if they can provide one. They may, since I would imagine most folks that ride, this time of year, probably could use one.
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    Carriage Rides

    That sounds perfect! Make sure they will have a blanket or something on the carriage. Chilly is long as there is a blanket....just makes it more romantic......excuse for snuggling. Way to go Magnum! She'll love it! :yay:
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    New Girl Here!

    I have to say...this thread has been most entertaining.
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    Hot Sauce...

    :yeahthat: It's a killer!! My eyes water and ears ring, just thinking about it!
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    What is your pet doing today? Post the pics.

    She definitely has some big feet to grow into!! Well....she is adorable! :yay:
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    What is your pet doing today? Post the pics.

    Thanks for the info. I saw a whole list of non-allergenic dogs. I never really had an interest in getting a dog, until I recently fell in love with this retired greyhound. So...only the greyhound would do. But, hubby has allergies and asthma. He did okay when we had 1 cat, more than one...
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    What is your pet doing today? Post the pics.

    I'm assuming your pooch still has growing to do? He has HUGE paws!!
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    Anyone ever try....

    Just the thought of turkey and gravy me the shivers!!!
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    What is your pet doing today? Post the pics.

    Me too. Except that I want a greyhound and it isn't on the list of breeds that are good for allergy/asthma people. :ohwell:
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    Anyone ever try....

    Open your mind! :lmao:
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    Anyone ever try....

    ...Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper? Mmmmmmm....... :yum: I saw it in 2 ltr bottles over the holidays and just saw it in 12 pack cans today! I think it may only be for a limited time, so I stocked up!
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    Look out Marthaaaa.......

    Hooray for color! We just painted our family room Warm looks so good with white trim....I love it! Makes the room even more cozy!
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    .......Munchkin Kitty....... :huggy: Any idea, whatsoever, how old she might be?
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    Don't Stare to Long....

    :lmao: :lmao:
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    Viva La France

    HOOORAY for Freedom Fries :peace: