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    Attention Nose Pickers!

    like that night in the bar
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    whew, this is good news.....

    it should be the amish. those wild orgies by the pond on saturday night. WOW:eek:
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    Calvert County Sheriff's Office.....

    that was every weekend at larry's place 30 years ago.
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    Political Cartoons

    which will lead to the money
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    Bert's Diner -- online auction of contents

    don't see it on the auction site
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    Ready, set, MOW! 2022 Version

    was at the meet & greet last night.. good time
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    Construction in Charlottte Hall

    from north end of St Marys, Hoof Mattingly had us drinking miller products. when we could afford it
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    Construction in Charlottte Hall

    Michelob? you worked for good paying bacca farmers.. i worked for family, best i could do was red.white & blue
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    Construction in Charlottte Hall

    teddy bear did pretty damm good as well
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    Fritz being Fritz? Going full Stalin on Jaymi Sterling

    i agree, but the guidelines are too lenient in md. imo. i watched dorsey and fritz make deals because of "outside influence". i believe nothing will change. hope i'm wrong.
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    Fritz being Fritz? Going full Stalin on Jaymi Sterling

    the court commissioners, judges and states attorney follow bail and sentence guidelines set by the legislators.. that's were the change has to come from. that ain't gonna change..
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    Sri Lanka - A Warning Tale About Green Farming and ESG

    i think European farmers are also dealing with this madness i'm waiting for these same measures to come to a democratic run state near us.
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    Local stair lift install recommendations?

    innovative elevator 301-395-7287 they are located in hughesville
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    St. Mary's Co. Have the local PoPo turned their back on SA Richard Fritz in favor of Sterling

    my understanding is fritz knew nothing of the investigation until it was done and placed on his desk. the investigation was done by the sheriffs office. there was a complaint that started the investigation.