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    Dislocated jaw?

    Had a couple wisdom teeth removed yesterday and after having gauze clamped down on for a couple hours had to change it. Promptly realized I couldnt open my mouth. After kind of forcing it I had to do this over and over about ten times it locked up. Each time it felt like after a pretty hard...
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    Does anyone have an empty Pandora box?

    Got my daughter a Pandora like bracelet....theyre expensive! But Id still like to look like I pulled it off - anyone have an empty box they would part with?
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    Pawn Shop suggestion? NOT GLORIAS

    I really would like to just sell. I heard Apple Basket buys antiques. Might try there.
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    Pawn Shop suggestion? NOT GLORIAS

    Well I went by D's,the pawn shop by the Brass Rail. Holy cow...words can't describe. Glorias is a classy upscale joint in comparison. Picture this..a smoky,smelly,dark outhouse type hovel. You walk in and see two guys straight out of Deliverance. They don't even look at you. Too busy eating and...
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    If you have a kid in St. Mary's County High School

    Why don't you just say what you have to say Danzig? I looked around a little and the only newsworthy things I discovered were that black people are ghetto and like big butts.
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    Lost Bull Mastiff

    Better pray I dont find her. She'll get snuggled. Hard.
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    Well, most of you dont know me....

    Not me. I get tired of eating the same thing night after night.
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    Cat neglect-what should I do?

    BTW,unless there alot of cop hoarders with those exact pets away on vacation right now,you just did make it weird for yourself. This is a public forum. That said,you arent making trouble they are by being retards.
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    Cat neglect-what should I do?

    You asked what would I do. So here goes: they dont care enough to feed them. So screw em. Tell them you havent seen them in a couple days..they must have run away. To your living room. Get my driftwood? And maybe a forumite can hook up some food drop offs. :)
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    Found Black Dog Wildewood

    Theiving bastards. (stomps and kicks rocks)
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    Pawn Shop suggestion? NOT GLORIAS

    I also saw an episode once when a guy came in all scrawny an Ashley says "don't wear a tank top unless you have the body for it". I almost shat my pants.
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    Pawn Shop suggestion? NOT GLORIAS

    I like Seths gorilla face when he gets mad. And gets all hard...yeah I'll come out from behind this glass,what now?!?!?! And then proceeds to cower behind a huge black guy.
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    Found Black Dog Wildewood

    Is it black? And pleasant? It's mine. When can I pick up?? (I want another dog dammit)
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    New Names for PPACA

    P-repare to P-oop A-lways C-ool A-nus This makes me giggle.
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    Pawn Shop suggestion? NOT GLORIAS

    Thanks. I will go with the one in Detroit. It feels more St Mary's county to me for some reason. I think I'll walk in there and scream "You're gonna give me 500.00 mutha####ah"! And then Les will come over and dispel all Jew stereoptypes and I'll go home a changed man with 500 extra bucks.