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    POLL: Shutdown, Yay, Nay, Meh....

    Obama Issues Order To Shut Down Government - The Free Patriot Perhaps a shut-down isn't so bad afterall.
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    Shooter @ Wash Navy Yards

    Was a nice guy. People can snap in a snap.
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    Southern Maryland Ghost Hunters

    We should be meeting with Rich next week.
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    Southern Maryland Ghost Hunters

    Recruitment is still open for the 2013 Season. Interviews have gone great so far. If you've ever wanted to experience the paranormal in a serious manner just drop us a line.
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    The 2013 Redskins Season

    Too slow. He's on the radio meow.
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    RG Obama....

    Perhaps that was the view nationally with ESPN and the like running stories about the kid non-stop. However, any reasonable Redskins fan knew he'd have to work himself up to speed. The Redskins faithful were more excited about their team overall, what they had accomplished last year and what...
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    Redskins & Pilly

    More like angle issues. He sticks his head in there. 10 tackles last night. CJ and McCoy welcomed him to the league the hard way.
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    Large holes to fill

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    Redskins & Pilly

    Mara's cap penalty.
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    can this be consdiered abusive?

    This isn't a serious thread, right?:lol: Jesus
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    In poor taste or....

    I haven't seen it so much as an advertisement as an optical illusion. I like it. It's a lot better than those hanging ball sacks.
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    : 0

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    The 2013 Redskins Season

    Yeah... Hoping its rust but this line was never built for pass protection. It was built for a zone-blocking running scheme. I also think the Iggles surprised them not only with their offensive scheme but their defensive one as well. Garcon alluded to as much last night.
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    Another ghost encounter?

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    The 2013 Redskins Season

    You can run anything if you have the talent and right personnel. Skins need to go 2-2 in these first four games to stay afloat. Green Bay Oakland Detroit Won't be easy. RG3 and the offense will be a work in progress until the bye.