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    Holiday Office Parties Opportunity to Sexually Harrass Women

    Well, you have to admit it was pretty awesome!! Well worth the spanking the team got. :lmao:
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    Holiday Office Parties Opportunity to Sexually Harrass Women

    Are you sure about that??!!! :lmao:
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    Truck Shopping...

    Hubby has a 2017 GMC truck. We LOVE it!!! It is incredibly comfortable, hauls our boat like a champ, has all the bells and whistles. He decided against the 'Denali' version because the $10K cost didn't come with enough "additional" features to warrant the extra expense.
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    Petsitter/housesitter needed.

    Trails End Pet Sitting. Gail (owner) is really awesome. You've got quite the ranch, so it may be $$$, but her staff is great!
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    Salt Cycle Studio?

    I'll be there!!!
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    Salt Cycle Studio?

    Yes! I go often.
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    Shaving Clubs

    I've used Dollar Shave Club. Great razors but I was allergic to a metal in them so I had to stop. Hubby still uses the razors and has no complaints. I hear Harry's is good (have not tried). You can buy online or at Target. Might even be in other stores.
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    High end hotels

    I am a Hilton snob. The rooms are always comfy, and offer free breakfast and drinks (water definitely, and sometimes free alcoholic beverages), plus free dining at some locations. I also like Homewood Suites, which is a Hilton chain.
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    Yo! Stopped in

    Yes. But he doesn't grab my butt quite like you do! :smoochy:
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    Yo! Stopped in

    Sure did! 10-year anniversary present!!
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    Dark Undereye Circles

    The best eye cream I have ever used is from Jordan. My husband traveled there for work a few times and picked some up for me, and for a few years after I ran out I would order it and have it shipped over. I can't find it anywhere anymore, and the website has been down for quite some time...
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    Yo! Stopped in

    That's awesome!! Our cruise isn't until November. In the meantime, we've been enjoying the water on our new-this-year boat! :cheers:
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    Yo! Stopped in

    :howdy:, Pete... and everyone else!
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    Horse Collapses and dies after Preakness undercard victory

    I'm never eating bread again. :frown:
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    My HVAC Nightmare

    As someone who has a rental property, I don't burden my tenants if something needs attention and a technician needs to come out. I try to schedule maintenance and service calls later in the afternoon or around lunch when me or my husband can be there. This might be worth mentioning in the...