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    War on Boys

    As a male that has long since graduated from the public school system, I relate to every single point this woman made and I agree with each one. My wife and I pulled my eldest son from public schools and are homeschooling him this year. It is extremely hard work, but we believe it is worth...
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    Co. State You will obey

    I read this entire thread waiting for a reply like yours. To the best of my ability, I follow the Bible's teachings, including that of homo-sexuality. Over the last decade, my view of same-sex marriage has moved from being laissez faire to being outright against it. That being said, this...
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    Gender roles and income poll- Females

    These polls show one or two unintentional results: 1) there are more women that frequent this forum and/or 2) woman are more likely to participate in polls pertaining to gender roles. :grin:
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    This is what parents of teenage girls have to contend with

    I think the producers of these style of videos ought to be required, by the ISP, to pay 2 or 3 cents per view....all proceeds go to drill fresh water wells in Africa.
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    Raising Mama's boys

    The term 'mama's boy' seems to be used primarily by women, seeking a male mate, to designate a specific type of male as undesirable due to the male's, perceived, strong attachment to his mother. This has some validity in specific cases, but in general is only a scape-goat for the female's own...
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    27 things men do in bed that women hate

    I must also concure with this statement. However, *they* is replaced with *she*. SMAAACCCKKKKK!!!!.....
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    Equating a job to marriage

    Mike didn't equate a job to marriage. I don't know where you pulled that from either. Care to enlighten me?
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    What causes traffic accidents?

    ....women much drama....
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    Those who start their own church....

    I think the you may be neglecting the common ground we all have. We are all human. We all come from different backgrounds, ideologies, and experiences. We are all prone to being subject to our own pride, ignorance, arrogance...shortcomings. The needs of one person isn't necessarily going...
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    Golden Corral

    I saw a line of people outside the front door yesterday around 4 pm. The sign said that there was a "training in progress".
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    How Often Do Most Couples Have...

    Lol I didn't know until after our second baby, but my wife would always put a 'tick' mark on the calendar for days we got it on so she could know when our babies were conceived. Woman are weird like that...
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    Chevy Cobalt Comments

    I own a 2007 Cobalt LS. I complete the majority of the maintenance myself. The car is mediocre, but relatively inexpensive and easy to work on. You are buying a skateboard with an engine. Keep the shocks/struts in good order and the handling is fine. For a small, economy car, it uses more...
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    Group MMA Fighting

    Well, that was fast. Like Larry said, "like dominoes". The Polish guys were BIG compared to the other guys...
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    Hail destroys Women's fragile mind

    Insurance probably covers all know that service you pay a lot of money for....just give them a call. I'd like to believe at least the camera guy informed her about this...after he/she was done filming.
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    Ok. That was awesome!