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    Why ‘Indigenous Peoples’ Day’ Is Far Worse Than Columbus Day

    You are trying to make those who cannot think do so. Be careful you don't want them to sprain their brain. You cannot change an idiots way of thinking and most of them have zero idea of the history of North America. But they do want to erase our history and put in place their own ideas. Just...
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    So much for Pepsi's Social Commentary.......

    You are very wrong about the stores setting prices and sale times on soft drinks. The store sells shelf space to jobbers, which the drink companies are and the drink companies set when a sale happens and what the prices are. The bread companies, cookie companies and various others fall into this...
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    Passing on The Shoulder

    You are absolutely right. I don't think that ant law can be enforced in todays world. There aren't enough police on the roads to do anything, and they are being held back because they can't chase over a certain speed and on 235 most drivers are going 70 in a 55 mph zone and you don't see anyone...
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    ISO Recommendations Gutter Cleaning

    Try Uncle Skeeter's in Waldorf. They do St. Mary's and I have had good luck with them in Hollywood. They are in the phone book.
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    New Dollar General Coming to Wildewood

    If you read the article in the County Times, you get the correct info. It is not poor journalism, but people who can't read and understand plain verbiage.
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    Columbia No Whites Allowed Retreat

    Sounds RACIST to me:yikes:
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    Two law professors say it’s time to end pet ownership

    Neutered first !!!!
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    gosh if nudity offends you dont go to the pool

    Obama & his wanna be replacement are doing this also. OUR VOTERS NEED TO WAKE UP !!!!!
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    Video of Old Woman Scolding Kids for Selling Candy Outside of Target Goes Viral

    FYI to all of you fools. Target has a corporate policy to not let anyone or any organization sell or give anything away if front of any store. So the kid, black, white or purple was inviolition of company policy. So suck it up.
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    Islam and jihad

    amen !!!!
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    Supporters Push for Bill to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse and Assault in Schools

    Get behind this ,e-mail you political representative and ask them to support this bill.
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    Double standard

    you said it!
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    So Much Obamacare Win

    He wouldn't know the truth if it bit him on the arse and neither would a clinton.
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    what was that about CCW Facing Crooks wit Guns

    Maybe you need to talk to people that have acctually defended themselves instead of nattering on about you dreams. I had a CCW when I was in business here in Southern Maryland, I used my gun twice for defence against a hold up man. I shot them both and when the word got around that I did protect...