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    Fifty Shades of Grey

    That's pretty awesome. :lol:
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    Fifty Shades of Grey

    Well, I have to say, the second book was definitely not my favorite. The third was better.
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    Fifty Shades of Grey

    I read the first one and I'm waiting to get the second and third books. It cracks me up when people complain about books being too "easy" or crap like that. Why does it matter if people like reading entertaining books? :lmao: Life is too serious as it is, and I know I like to be entertained...
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    planting trees in your pasture

    Austrees are awesome, and grow very fast. I saw them after a year and they were SO much bigger than the little saplings they planted.
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    Christian Grey!

    No, no, no! Matt Bomer is Christian Grey, end of story. :lol:
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    What is everyone reading??

    I was wondering who ALice was. :lol: I read it a few weeks ago and it was pretty good. I'm team Alcide, Quinn, and Sam. Don't care for Eric as much anymore, and Bill is just plain whiny. :lol: Before the Sookie book, I read the 3 Hunger Games books, and I just got done reading 50...
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    Library Calls Cops On 4-Year-Old Girl

    The library may not have realized she was 4 when they sent out the police (which I think is stupid anyways). When the kids got their library cards, all we had to fill out was their name and address and they got a card. No parent names were on the account. :smile:
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    Library Calls Cops On 4-Year-Old Girl

    As soon as they can write their name they can get a card.
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    Vommiting Issue

    Could it be allergies? Post nasal drip will make kids get sick sometimes. :shrug:
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    4Health Dog Food

    I live on the Eastern Shore. It's not totally grain free, but the grains it does have at least aren't corn, soy, or wheat. If I remember correctly, the salmon/potato kind has oatmeal and barley or something? Or brown rice? Can't remember now. :doh:
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    4Health Dog Food

    Is anyone feeding this? It's sold only at TSC. We were feeding TOTW, but it was getting a little expensive. We liked it, but it seemed like we were having to feed more of it to keep their weight up. We found 4Health yesterday, and bought a bag of the salmon and potato kind. It's less...
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    Puggle Ad

    Every now and then you come across something that is just so stupid it really makes you wonder about people. This is from an ad on the classifieds: :banghead: 1) They lost the dad? Great! 2) Puggles are NOT rare. 3) What good are papers on a MUTT? What would the papers say? 100%...
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    2 Seriously Cute Goats for Sale

    The responses are always interesting when you post ads! :lol: Someone asked if the pig was available. One person asked if I had any female goats available, and one person asked if I had a totally different breed available. :lol:
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    Weird nasty bump

    But to be sure, don't let the dog near the kids. Ringworm is extremely contagious spreads like crazy.
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    Weird nasty bump

    It doesn't really look like ringworm to me. Ringworm usually has raised edges and is usually pretty crusty and white. It's not always white, but it usually looks pretty bumpy/crusty.