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    I would like to announce

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    I would like to announce

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    Flood Watch Compromises Tiki Opening

    Wasn't rescheduled either,I assure you The Tiki bar opening happened already.
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    Flood Watch Compromises Tiki Opening

    I took the shuttle over about 3:00 p.m. and none of the bridges were closed and everything was fine,so I don't know where all the rumor came from.Didn't see any water spashing over anywhere and there was plenty of people there.
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    Tiki shuttle service

    There may have been a local shuttle to get to the island that was free,but to get to Lexington Park it wasn't free.
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    Tiki shuttle service

    $20.00 is cheap for a round trip,it cost $20.00 one way if you are in a taxi,plus what the other person said comparing it to the DUI cost.As for the shuttle drop offs,they took me right to my house so didn't have to worry about driving any of it.:cheers:
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    Tiki shuttle service

    I don't know what the deal is on the bridge closing thing,but if that's not true and you don't want to drive there is a shuttle service you can call at (301)373-4444,from what I can see it is $20.00 round trip(but you might ask to double check) if your in the area of Lexington...
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    How was the NYE party?

    Am I the only one that assumed it was the result of an extremely potent methane release with subsequent ignition from a sparking device?I feel really stupid now.
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    Bob Evans To Open

    Re: Re: Re: Thanks Never heard that before,Iv'e eaten there in Ohio more than once and think they are awesome.
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    Well jeez,I coulda told ya that a long time ago,..why do you think I'm not on here more often along with a lot of other people.
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    Patriotic link

    I couldn't really find a category to put this under so I'll just put it here.
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    Favorite Smells Of Fall/Winter

    LOL,yes. And IM4Change I agree with what you said about the meaning of Christmas and the changes you made,as for the Santa thing thats a good point too,don't know what to tell ya on that one. Sharon thanks for the offer,may take you up on that but we'll see,I'm trying to get ahold of...
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    Happy Birthday ShellyCW

    Happy BDay!!!!
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    3 Day Weekend... What's goin' down?

    I just got a PM from watercolor about that,I didn't know,but yeah that would be awesome!!:cheers: Wait,...I thought you had to go shooting that day??
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    3 Day Weekend... What's goin' down?

    Crap!!It woulda been a perfect weekend for that too!!:cheers: Where did you go BK!!???