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    Thanksgiving Dinner

    I think you should consider adding some sort of ham to the menu...
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    Michelle Obama Thinks Americans Are Really Racist: Country ‘Wasn’t Ready’ For Black Lady With Braids

    There are many much more important reasons to dislike her than her hair. I couldn't care less if she shaved her head or had a rainbow colored clown wig.
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    Holiday stress

    I used to do this to myself. I love Christmas so I thought I needed to do all the things. But doing all of the things made me not enjoy Christmas. And no one was expecting me to do them. It was all me. The last few years I have cut out several things and been much happier.
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    Election predictions

    I looked on Fox5's website and they have an article up that Moore won as governor, but their graphic shows that Cox has 61% to Moore's 35%. What am I missing??
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    What's for dinner?

    Pork roast with onions and apples, baked sweet potato and squash baked with mozzarella cheese.
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    McKays in leonardtown suddenly closed?

    I have done that, but there are a myriad of reasons that is not the answer. 1. I like to pick out my own produce and meats 2. Several times when I have ordered curbside pick-up at different stores the order has not been ready at the time I chose due to staff shortages so I end up sitting in my...
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    McKays in leonardtown suddenly closed?

    Since Mckays closed Food Lion is obscenely busy when I go there. Makes grocery shopping even more a PIA.
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    There are jobs that require a note to return to work after being out a certain number of days. So you are forced to go to the doctor just for the note.
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    What's for dinner?

    Grilled Chicken, grilled asparagus, corn, and corn muffins.
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    'Now 15 per cent is rude:' Tipping fatigue hits customers as requests rise

    If you decided to pay with cash, would they have removed the fee?
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    Mail Fraud - Stolen Checks!

    All these checks being stolen in the mail, but voting by mail is completely secure :sarcasm:
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    What's for dinner?

    Enchilada Pie
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    Kanye West

    I ended up turning it off because it made my head hurt trying to follow his train of thought.
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    Breezeline Outage

    I turned the Wi-Fi off so that wasn't the issue.
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    Breezeline Outage

    We weren't able to use data on our phones either, which is verizon and not breezeline. But now both are working. I'm confused.