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    Disabled, Retired Officers Ordered To Return To Work Or Lose Their Pensions

    Yep - that question has been asked so many times before but that is the government. They have been trying to base leave earnings on actual hours worked for years... of course the union puts a quick stop to any progress here.
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    Disabled, Retired Officers Ordered To Return To Work Or Lose Their Pensions

    Some that know me may also know I was a cadet with the MSP in the mid 80's and due to a seizure, sent to work as a 911 dispatcher. It was apparent from my seizure history, at the time, that I was not suited to be a law enforcement officer. I was grateful to have a job. because I was not...
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    It was in my baby bottle. :D
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    Michael Cohen written statement.

    I think he read from a script to get a reduced sentence.
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    SMECO Emails

    :roflmao: Okay, so there isn't something wrong with me when I get these notices and want to scream. Your efficient neighbors - YOU <--- crap But at cookouts, when we compare, my bill is far less than my neighbors so what gives? Why tell me my household is an energy suck when it isn't true at...
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    Why are people paying 1k+ for puppies?

    That is actually pretty funny. I have a BUGG (Boston and a Pug mix) that my son paid $350 for.... 5 years later, I cannot find one under $1,000. They have become THAT popular. I adore that girl. She is a fun dog.
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    That is why I refused to comment in all this time. I knew it was bullcrap and that with a little of investigation, it would come to the surface. "I have single handedly destroyed my career" Kathy Griffin Jussie Smollett "here, hold my rope and bleach." :rolleyes:
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    AtlanticBB/Tivo vs DirectTV

    David... did you mean youtube TV? I know of google play but I didn't think google had a TV service.
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    Time to defund NEA

    Not only is it not art, it is somewhat offensive. "breadcrumbs at a vacuuming Ivanka Trump lookalike " ummm, no! That is just, well, stupid. :(
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    Va. Gov. Northam

    My kids were like "well, it was the 80's." :rolleyes:, it was not appropriate in the 80's, we don't dress up as KKK clansman and stand next to a person in black face.
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    Empire Star Beaten in Homophobic racist MAGA attack

    My first thought when hearing this was it is bull#### but I'm jaded and not very trusting. :shrug: So... I'll wait.. it is a matter of time before video is released. There are security cameras EVERYWHERE in that area.
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    I Used to Write for Sports Illustrated. Now I Deliver Packages for Amazon.

    Our office UPS driver is the best and totally easy on the eyes. :faint: He stops by just to get a welcoming break from his daily day as well. Now Gurps, I disagree with "when you’re a college-educated 57-year-old slinging parcels for a living, something in your life has not gone according...
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    Dead friends and family

    I keep them. Like you, I have a dozen or more. :ohwell:
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    The psychopath next door

    He was also violated numerous times for violating the conditions of his release but nope, the judge wouldn't lock his ass back up. Instead, continued him to another date, another date... until he went all Pulp Fiction. The Judges are the REAL problem for not putting these criminals in jail.