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    new anxiety....I didn't even know....

    wearing a plastic bag on the face is a good cure too
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    Have You Seen Allens Boat?

    Guy in the back looks like a drug addict for sure.. I'm wondering who's truck.. it's not a cheap.
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    La Plata Police cleaning up the streets.... well, maybe just the

    better that then bullcrap traffic stops.. Keep em busy girls
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    Brace for another SMECO rate hike

    I just got a chevy volt.. Do i have to request a night time rate change or did they do that automatically last time they rate hiked not too long ago?
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    Fisty cuffs at the landfill today.

    hubby gets 2 demerits for not video taping and yelling worldstar
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    history repeating itself...

    yes we need more details
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    Urban Renewal, Hoyer built it.

    I want a UTV not a UTI. damn i'm in hte wrong place
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    i seem to recall that ladybugs are actually males?
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    Just a thought.

    What are you talking about?
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    Best commuter route from Laplata to Landover?

    210 has gotten rid of 2 or 3 traffic causing intersections.. so it's a lot better than it used to be.. i'm not sure where the commuter busses let off but there are 2/3/4 pickup lots in the laplata/waldorf area.. If not taking the bus, use the waze app every morning for the best route. I would...
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    Chopticon HS makes national news

    I also find it amazing that the door was unlocked for over 2 decades... that goes to show decent people lived in the area.. Had that been like chicago that place would have been robbed lol
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    Chopticon HS makes national news

    LMAO I'm glad you did. I had no idea of this incident. I think all the expenses of these kids because of this incident was totally worth it with all the laughter it is creating. reading the other pranks gave me a good laugh too. I'm not even a prankster. Too bad i missed this thread at the...
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    Gas Prices...

    and look at prices now.. i'm about to start driving my CNG civic again.
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    This stuff makes me crazy

    These types of stories first bring to mind the young girl who was beaten to death by an attempted rapist in bushwood.. it's more than a shame that the guy was released to be roaming.. living in waldorf.. My anger and intolerance is unfortunately tempered by my Christianity. I'm also...