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    Vivint Solar

    Anyone use them for solar roof panels....How has your experience been ? I'm Thinking about going with them..
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    What he said...⬆
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    Grass Clippings

    Aside fro the motorcycle issue.. I thik it is rude, arrogant and disrespectfull to do it. It is no different than dumping trash on the road.
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    Airport shuttle

    If there is I cant imagine it would be very cost effective...
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    Old Line Restaurant and Pub

    Been there a couple of times, Food is good.. Not anything special, but good.. Owner has has lots of plans for the next few months as bussiness progresses. Very nice decor, staff seems good at this time.. Recomended..
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    Roofing Company Recommendations

    Do realize you answered a thread that is almost 3 years old...???
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    Signs Covered

    Are these "NEW" or "Existing" signs...??
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    Junk Hauler?

    The "bagster" is only 4' x 8'.. So it wont hold a lot of volume.
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    Local Business Burger King in California closed!
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    WIGS OFF! Maxine Waters tears into Chuck Schumer

    Someone needs to throw water on her so she will go away..
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    Need to get my car repainted

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    Anyone work for SA-TECH..?

    They have job listed I may be interested in. How are they to work for ? Any info would be appreciated. PM me...
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    Anyone else working on something vintage?

    That is a early 20's gas pressure lamp...AKA Coleman..
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    Anyone else working on something vintage?

    A few old lanterns...