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    What A Feast!

    Get a couple of those plastic or china eggs they use to break hens from trying to set the eggs until they hatch. That sucker will have a belly ache that will never go away if they swallow one of those. They'll never be able to crush them.
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    Visa Inc to start categorising gun sales at US stores

    This is just a back door way of finding out who has what. If they don't want me to use their credit cards I won't. I'll do what I used to do and wait until I have cash in hand. As far as guns go they already have the 4473 plus the MSP check for handgun purchases. Welcome to the Peoples Republic...
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    Sri Lanka - A Warning Tale About Green Farming and ESG

    Before chemical fertilizer came along growers of Cotton and Tobacco would literally wear out the soil. My sister was in a large chain grocery store in the Baltimore area the other day and says there were lots of empty spaces in the produce area that were normally full. Not sure if it has...
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    Calvert County Sheriff's Office.....

    I think a lot of the reluctance to do pro-active policing has to do with a number of things that have changed the playing field for Law Enforcement here in Maryland. First the repeal of the Law Enforcement Officer's Bill of Rights which set forth guidelines for disciplinary actions and afforded...
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    Critical Alert: "Assault Weapon" Ban Going To Vote Soon, Here's What you NEED To Do

    I think this vote is ploy to get Conservatives / Republicans on record with a vote against the ban and try to club them over the head with it in the mid-term elections. If they would make all of these fine legislators report to the Capital and not allow them to proxy or remote vote they would...
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    Remember when

    There is no one around at this point in time that could hold the light for Regan to run by. I think one of the largest contributors for his success was the Cabinet and Advisors he surrounded himself with. First I don't and never did think Biden was up to the task but he is also surrounded by a...
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    what would a civil conflict look like

    My biggest worry about internal conflict is what or who comes afterward. I see no Washington, Lincoln or anyone of their stature waiting in the wings. There are too many people that are power hungry and will only try to get what they can for themselves. I hope we don't have to go down that road.
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    Pittman/Robertson funding possibly in danger

    Rep. Don Beyer (D) Va. has put forth a bill that would impose a 1,000 percent excise take on the purchase of anything deemed to be an assault weapon. Another bill to possibly counteract Beyer's bill has been put forth by Rep. Clyde (R) Ga. Looking at the web page of Rep. Clyde of Georgia it...
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    Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Who Was in Charge of Capitol Security on Jan. 6 Dies Suddenly, Hours Before Hearing

    Well I am curious how many of the firearms that were allegedly seen in the crowd that stayed outside the mags were confiscated and those who were armed prosecuted. If not why not. Having a person that may pose a threat milling about in the crowd doesn't make sense. Who were these people. I'm...
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    Now you'll know what how they really think and operate.

    This sort of thing is what made me skeptical when today I heard that about a million people have changed their party affiliation to Republican. You have to wonder how many made the change so they can knock out some good Republican candidates in the primaries making the general election easier...
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    Cover up? There's no cover up!

    Jesse Watters has put them on notice that the public is watching. I think he should move on to some more important things that concern the American people. I couldn't care less about Paul Pelosi and his accident. I like Jesse but I think he should get a little more serious about what he covers...
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    Supreme Court gun decision shoots down NY rule that set high bar for concealed carry licenses

    The next obstacle that will be thrown in the way of law abiding gun owners will be a liability insurance requirement. They will try to make it very expensive for people who want to carry. Besides if you survive an armed encounter some ambulance chaser will try to take everything you have...
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    Maryland deputy shot, killed while chasing fugitive; manhunt leads to suspect’s capture

    You are correct. Many times when an officer calls out with a stop their squad mates will just roll that way requested or not. Having additional personnel on scene is a good way to prevent things from escalating at times. It is especially important in these times.
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    Maryland deputy shot, killed while chasing fugitive; manhunt leads to suspect’s capture

    Yes that's what radios are for but not knowing all of the facts surrounding this incident we should not assume that he didn't call for backup. This was a law enforcement officer diligently doing his job. You cannot always wait for backup. Unfortunately this young Officer lost his life doing what...
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    Coming Red Wave 2022

    You took the words right out of my mouth. If those we elect to run this country in the anticipated red wave to come in November don't do their job the next red wave we see may come from the Chinese. They are nearly the sol source of many things we depend upon.