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    Safe Drug-Use Space in Baltimore Could Save Money, Lives

    This is a proven solution that works! Germany has or did have (a few decades ago) drug parks, they were fenced in with only one guarded way in and out. Addicts could enter and receive the drug from a doctor, basicaly answer questions about there addiction and so forth then get the shot , a...
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    ISO Information Ethanol free gas??

    I tested Sun 94 yesterday at Cooks . It was very little ethanol in it. To test get a clear glass bottle 1/3 filled with water and mark the water line exactly, now add 1/3 gasoline be sure to leave about 1/3 free space. Roll don't shake ( reparatory funnel technique ). The ethanol will have...
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    The Baynet & Metcom

    I then apologize my post unfounded. Thank you your reply
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    The Baynet & Metcom

    A Quote from the OP. "All the while, regulations imposed by MDE & the EPA to keep your drinking water safe & to treat sewage waste released to the Chesapeake Bay are increasingly stringent. MetCom meets or exceeds these standards EACH and EVERY DAY" Why is it then that Metcom will...
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    HVAC question about the new R410 refrigerant

    You won't notice any difference. Yes 410a is less effective as a refrigerant but the sizing of the system makes up the difference . Two ton is allways 2 ton. The system will be physically larger and more efficient thus saving you money on electric .
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    Cell phone signal booster

    Did some research for you. The sleek is discontinued but can still be gotten. Best bang for the buck is a sleek 3g. At 80$ It will get the job done but without the super fast 4g internet, just the normal fast 3g internet. The BEST is the Wilson Pro 70 and it will do any carrier and support many...
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    Cell phone signal booster

    I use one all the time. Makes a huge difference in fringe areas. The wilson sleek 4g for at&t work wonderfully. The difference in the att model is only that it will work for LTE as well as the 3g. In other words it will work with most all carriers except nextell but only the att model will do...
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    Need help with car keys

    Yes go to dealer unless you have the key code. IF you saved the stuff that came with the car new then there is a little metal tag with numbers on it and this is your key code, often its in a plastic pocket in the back of your owners book just sitting in the glove box.
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    New GPS Won't Update

    Lot to be said for a updated garmin ! Smart phones are SOL without cell reception.
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    Humming vibrating sound in house

    I used to fix those hard to find vibrating body panels in the car of those annoying boom boom overpowered car audio vehicles. Anyway to find a rattle/vibrating panel plug an audio generator into a power amp/speaker system and slow sweep till the offender gives up its location. The correct...
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    The winner of the "Your name must be Richard, cause ....

    I drive about a thousand mile a month, 300 mile one way trip every two weeks so I see this stuff all the time. For the most part its a lesser form of road rage and should be prosecuted accordingly. Here is a prime axample of two drivers making the roads unsafe. Driver A is doing 59 in a...
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    Just a Wall

    Same Building other corner
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    Just a Wall

    Yes , Its my work. Shot this in Infra Red (Life Pixel Conversion) with a very deep filter. Its a very colorful painting on the side of the Widow Jane Distillery.
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    Just a Wall

    Or is it the bike
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    Ethanol-free gasoline

    Well its a complex and ever changing mix of stuff we call gasoline errrrr uhhhhh pump gas that is. Gasoline changes formulation with region and season as well as ever changing epa regulations. The short answer is that gasoline then is not the same stuff as it is now, the exception being aviation...