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    That Kit Kat Commercial

    The one that starts with "scratching".....WTH is she saying??
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    Ever Wonder

    I've been trying to stay busy. There is SO much to do 'round here.....'here' meaning around the house. It's a slow TEDIOUS process.
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    Celebrity Death Pool

    Ashley Massaro passed. (Suicide) Ten days shy of her 40th.
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    Ever Wonder

    .....why Naples is named "Naples" when it's only one city?
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    WUSA9: 21 Year-old Southern Marylander is a massive YouTube star; Grosses $1 Million/Yr?

    This is the kind of thing my Nephew hope to achieve; and he's convinced he will. IMO, "YouTubing" is not guaranteed to make you any money, let alone millions.
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    Military ID Card

    Did you find your 10-digit DoD number? If you have an ID even though you're retired, on the back there's a barcode. That 10-digit number is above that.
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    Necessary Scam

    Something that No-fault insurance covered. :howdy:
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    Necessary Scam

    Nothing that shows in photos.
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    Necessary Scam

    Auto insurance... you pay $$$$ to have it; because the law says you have to have it. Then, when you use it, your rate goes UP. it's a godd**n no-win. Rant over.
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    Rescue Dog At Dog Show

    Apparently, just wanted to play.
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    Anybody else?

    For the past few days I've felt like I'm coming down with a head cold. My sinuses are giving me grief and what's going on there feels like it's slowly working its way into my inner ear. I use Nasacort and take Allegra every year when spring gets here; but it's not spring yet. So, I'm really...
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    So.....I Have This Old Fridge

    Got the answer I needed.
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    Don't Know If This Has Already Been Mentioned

    Does anyone realize that Uber goes against what most of us were taught as children? 1) Don't talk to strangers 2) Don't accept rides from strangers.
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    What Do You Collect?

    Dust /:-\