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    Kim Potter

    I love all these Monday morning quarterbacks who have been thru high intensity situations all the time commenting on what they most certainly woulda done. Let me let you in on a secret. You have NO idea what you woulda done in a similar situation. Adrenaline will make you do some crazy...
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    Joe Rules

    This is why you never ever never ever relinquish your weapons for any reason. When enough people stand up and say “Go f$&? Yourself Joe” and have the backbone to resist it will fold
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    NY Senate passes bill to allow Congress to see Trumps tax returns and Prosecute pardoned criminals

    The only entity Trump needs to prove anything on his tax returns to is the IRS. None of the publics business and all these blowhards want to do is dig thru mountains of data to find an error and blow it up like a big scandal. At this point, if i were Trump id flip em all a giant middle finger...
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    Voting without ID

    Voting Haha. It all boils down to common sense. One can come up with whatever bs reasons they want, but a simple ID of some sort makes it a little more difficult than just walking in off the street and saying I’m George Washington and casting a vote. I dread if anything serious ever...
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    Voting without ID

    Every time I go into a voting station I walk out with the same thought. Why in the hell is it not required to show a simple ID to vote? I mean wouldn’t it be so simple to whip out a DL or passport to verify who you are to avoid any double voting or even the possible mere appearance of...
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    Russian meddling??

    So wtf is the big deal then? All this hype over an attack on our democracy. I mean I can fully understand the implications of an attack on the actual voting mechanisms and that would be significant. But propaganda has been done for generations. Hacking an email account is hardly a super...
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    Russian meddling??

    Can someone please educate me a little bit here. As I understand it, a group of Russians (don’t know if state sponsored), hacked into the DNC email of Podesta and maybe others and released embarrassing, yet true and accurate, info at strategically inopportune times designed to paint Democrats...
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    So Easy Even A Democrat Should Get It!

    They are NOT too stupid to get it. It’s simple. Democrats want mass migration as a means to replenish their base. A few handouts to those that value them more than the average person and voila, an instant democrat for life. All under the guise of protecting the innocent children and...
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    Court Rules Second Amendment Doesn’t Protect AR-15s

    Corrosive primer ammo is supposed to last longer than non corrosive, or so they say. My guess is this is why it was produced in bulk by the Soviets as well as cost. Really not that much more difficult to clean but does require a bit more effort. All WW2 era ammo is corrosive and much will...
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    Court Rules Second Amendment Doesn’t Protect AR-15s

    You’re kinda comparing apples to oranges a bit. The AK platform certainly doesn’t have the accuracy of an M4 or like but wasn’t really designed to. It’s inherent design was for a reliable, tough, near indestructible and inexpensive weapon that can be dragged thru the mud by inexperienced...
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    Sheriff Scott Nothing We Can Do To Stop Gunman Killing People, Great Carnage

    I’m still on the fence about the resource officers actions. Should probably hear what he has to say before I jump the gun. 3 or 4 minutes is not a lot of time to assess the situation for a peacetime scenario. While everyone loves to Monday morning quarterback, I’m just not sure. Did he...
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    paying property taxes early?

    I'm not 100% certain that this is in fact true (not deducting 2018-19 prepay from 2017 return). The law specifically spells out the denial of income tax and yet leaves open a lot of interpretation on property tax. IRS guidance pertains to when a locality assessed the taxes. That's still...
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    paying property taxes early?

    That is correct as far as I understand it. Someone tell me if I'm wrong. Say for example you currently have the following: Primary home = $5000 prop tax Vacation home or prop in MD= $2000 prop tax State income tax = $ 4000 50% match local income tax = $2000 Total tax bill = $13,000 Write...
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    A two mile snipe

    I guarantee that shooter was still surprised he hit the target. No matter how many calcs you do for that distance, there is a huge luck factor involved. I think with modern sniper rifles and optics it will still be tough to get a first rd hit at 1500 yds. The 50 bmg is really not the ideal...
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    Comey's Empty Gun

    The most important question of the day, and that which must be asked of all of us is.....Do we really give a @#$%?